My Journey To Build A Blog -Who is KerryAnn?

Who is KerryAnn?

KerryAnn is an Australian who wants to travel, enjoy life and have freedom. This blog is to share my personal experiences so that you too can see that a simple lifestyle combined with an online business can be possible for anyone who wants it badly enough.

KerryAnn is someone who travels our great land for work and play.  I tend to be a bit stubborn and like to do things My Way. I would like to help others be able to live a life with the freedom I enjoy and I will share everything I can to help you along the way.

I have for many years kept journals of my life and how I have felt.  I always noted my debts and how I tried to overcome them, or at least live with them, and live cheaply.

Eventually, we sold everything, cleared all debt, bought a motorhome and hit the road.  We now travel around Australia all year, selling goods as we go, and I want to share my experiences and lifestyle with others.

Sick of concrete shoes?

I no longer want a big house so I can spend so much time cleaning it.

I no longer want to spend a whole day every week tending to our garden, although it was nice to have an acre of lawn, fruit trees and heaps of vegetable beds.  But it was a lot of work.

I want freedom and I want to do things my way.

Over the years I have spent thousands of hours researching, reading, watching TV shows and attending programs learning how to do everything better.  Now I have simplified my life and am a lot happier.

I have freedom, I travel, camp and have fun.

I now travel across Australia in a motorhome with an 8m x 2.5m living space. We tow a 4×4 behind us. This means that we can stop in one place and use the smaller vehicle to run around in.

It also means that we can bush prospect and return to the motorhome in the evening. If we want to really go bush we can park the motorhome somewhere safe and head off in the 4×4 with a tent.

My History

I enjoyed my freedom and doing things my way.

I grew up on a farm in country WA roaming the farm and nearby crown land – bush – by foot, bicycle then motorbike and ute as I got older allowing me to venture further around the house paddock.

At 13 I was dragged kicking and screaming to boarding school in Perth where I was pretty much a loner.

I was the rebel who smoked and wasn’t much of a follower.

I wasn’t pretty and was tall, lanky and skinny as a rake.

I left school prior to completing year 12 at just turned 17 and all was right with the world. Freedom at last.

My First Travel Adventure

My roaming lifestyle started then. Perth had a great lifestyle and my friend and I roamed the streets day and night American Graffiti style – car, foot, and public transport. For about 8 weeks I was free as a bird and loving it. Then I met the man of my dreams, who lucky for me also had a roaming childhood, and at 20 had traveled east to west.

Within 6 months we were off on our 1st trip across this great country of ours. We started by sightseeing the south-west then across the Nullarbor to the Eyre Peninsula and onto Adelaide. We then headed on a 3month trip around Tasmania, fruit picking to gather some funds.

We were invited to a wedding in Central Queensland so that was our next port of call. By this time we had no money left so settled down for two years working towards our next big trip. Of course, we added a motorbike and sidecar to our list of requirements so that we could attend bike rallies and camping weekends across Queensland.

We also did a few quick trips on holidays back to South Australia, and around NSW. In those days we were fortunate that we could pull up almost anywhere along the side of the road, on the outskirts of town or the banks of a river and put up a tent. So we did.

Growing up but still traveling.

I was leaving my teens behind so finally we decided we better get married so we headed back to SA by bike and sidecar, then caught the train to Perth where we again set up camp for a couple of years. Our ‘stuff’ followed us over on the rail. I had reached the grand age of 21.

We spent nearly 2 1/2 years this time, working to pay off the wedding, buying another car as ours got a yellow sticker, and having a holiday in Bali. During this time, we attended many camping weekends and bike rally’s/booze-ups, north-south, and east.

Finally, we had enough funds to move on so headed north across the top-end to Darwin then over to North Queensland. A slightly different route to travel across Australia.

Building a business and starting a family

Settling down, but travel still on the agenda.

At the age of 23 and 27 we finally ‘settled’ for a bit and started a business. Within 6 months our first child was on the way quickly followed by another. We did the buy a house, sell and build another routine but stayed ‘put’ for 24 years. Of course, we did the camping whenever we could, along with fishing trips in far north Queensland.

Business and travel

As part of our business, we also drove and flew to resorts and 5-star hotels all around Australia for conferences and training sessions. We even managed some overseas trips to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, along with Vietnam & China on a boat cruise. Not together, unfortunately as one of us had to run the business.

We finally sold the business and after a, you guessed it, 2-year break during which we did a camper trailer run through the cape and up to Darwin as well as 3 driving trips to Victoria, one of which we diverted to Adelaide for the weekend.

We flew to Western Australia and to Melbourne then decided we had better start another business so we could earn some money to continue. This business went for 1 year and we got itchy feet so we closed it and took to the road selling as we go.

So began our semi-retirement.

We have been doing this now for over 6 years. Across Australia, each year to visit WA, and up and down the east coast with occasional trips to South Australia.

Who is KerryAnn Today – Why a blog?

I continue to write notes about lots of things as I go and read and research a great deal as well. Therefore today KerryAnn is just a bit older yet still looking at doing new things.

I was reading a travel blog and the next day read another and thought I can do that and more.

I can share my travels and journey with others to help them see what a great lifestyle this is.

I decided to put together a website and share the dream.

I am now 56 and plan to travel for the next 20 years, health permitting, so thought instead of only selling physical goods I could write and collate as I go and turn my love of writing and computers into my new business venture.

I still need to fund my adventures and hope to venture overseas as well. I would like to visit America, Uk & Europe and China.

Research and experience

I’ve attended lots of webinars and haunted youtube, and a few presenters stated that others like to hear what they have been doing, not just as a business but in real life as well.  I guess that is part of the success of reality television in the last few years and this is partly why I put this whole website together as well.  

As part of my online research I have been looking at ways to earn money online not just in Australia, but around the world. I decided to have a big dream and huge goals. So as I start this website, I decided the first thing I really need to do is work out what I really want to do and set some goals.

Please comment on my posts. I would love to hear your thoughts on my digital nomad lifestyle as I attempt to build an online business and make money on the internet.

Do you think you can hit the road even temporarily and enjoy life?

I would love to hear your thoughts. do you think you could do this?

I’d love you to share my post on your social media profiles. You can find the buttons on this page.

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  • Hey Kerry Ann
    Your post on WA made me come to your site and read this post
    Amazing hun- Totally awesome and so free
    I too have lived a similar life as a singer and travelled all over NZ and now I live alone by the beach and I write- I love it and when I can I am going to buy a camper and also hit the road, do some singing, fishing and more writing
    You are amazing - Enjoy it all

    • Hi Vicki. It is certainly a lifestyle choice. I often joke about being homeless, but I truly love it. As I try and build an online business I hope that I can make it over the ditch as I have not been to your lovely country as yet.

  • Hi Kerryann, your blog is amazing, and being a fellow Aussie I understand your need to simplify and get on the road and travel. I have a few friends already doing this and I am so envious. Your content is great and makes excellent reading. Enjoy your travels :)

  • Hi, I like your blog and the way you are writing, it is very good. Hope you will follow up with more.



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