1. Vicki

    Hey Kerry Ann
    Your post on WA made me come to your site and read this post
    Amazing hun- Totally awesome and so free
    I too have lived a similar life as a singer and travelled all over NZ and now I live alone by the beach and I write- I love it and when I can I am going to buy a camper and also hit the road, do some singing, fishing and more writing
    You are amazing – Enjoy it all

    • kerry ann

      Hi Vicki. It is certainly a lifestyle choice. I often joke about being homeless, but I truly love it. As I try and build an online business I hope that I can make it over the ditch as I have not been to your lovely country as yet.

  2. Hi Kerryann, your blog is amazing, and being a fellow Aussie I understand your need to simplify and get on the road and travel. I have a few friends already doing this and I am so envious. Your content is great and makes excellent reading. Enjoy your travels 🙂

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