1. Janelle

    A 4 hour work week would be wonderful, but like you said, you have to be well established in order to have that kind of success.  If someone puts in the time and effort to build an online business, their chance of making money is high.  Then you can outsource some responsibilities to work less or scale your business to grow larger.  That’s the beauty of the digital age–so much potential!

    • kerry ann

      Hello Janelle. I have just written a post about treating your online business as you would a bricks and mortar business.
      As you say, you need to put in time and effort to build. I totally agree.

  2. Henry

    Hi! Thank you very much for describing it’s possible to make a living working 4 hours a day. The Internet has given us so many possibilities to work and I’m eager to continue learning more on this topic. Do you believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start learning how to build an income online?

  3. Alex

    Hello, anytime you’re trying to help someone else be successful the best way you know how is always great especially when you can teach them while you’re learning yourself. It’s more personable and sometimes people need to feel like they’re not alone. That’s why we all love wealthy affiliate so much right? Being realistic is always important and I see that when I read your post.keep motivating and keep up the great post. I appreciate reading it. 

    • kerry ann

      Thank you Alex. I hope that by sharing what I am doing with others I can help them to find a path building a business online.
      As for Wealthy Affiliate, I guess 1.6 million people can’t be wrong. That is, I believe, the number of members. No wonder some of them find each other’s websites.

  4. Norman

    Hi Kerry-Ann,

    Thanks for posting. I agree with you, the internet, properly understood and leveraged, offers innumerable opportunities for people to develop multiple streams of income. As with any venture of merit, there is going to be a ton of work up-front to get your project off the ground. But once airborne and with that sustained momentum, the time requirement should diminish. I have no idea if working just 4 hours a week is possible, or if I would ever want to do that, but I appreciate the way you touch on the prospect and frame it within the context of real life. 

    Thanks so much for sharing, and I wish you all the best,


    • kerry ann

      Thank you, Norman. I am not sure if it is really possible either but sometimes at my stage in life, it is wonderful to have a goal. Thinking of working long hours for the rest of our lives is depressing. Cheers – here is to a great life.

  5. Lynne

    Hi, Thought I would check out another post while I was at your site 🙂 A four hour work week is kind of what I do now and your other post which I went and read made me realize I was pretty much treating my website like a hobby, not a business. I agree that once you have your online business really well established and have a sturdy income then you could probably decrease to a four hour work week but that four hour work week would be quite a long time down the road. 

    • kerry ann

      thanks Lynne. I’m glad that you took the time to read the Wealthy Affiliate post that I linked to in this post. My goal is one day to prove that it can be done. Here’s to a great future.

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