A Little More About KerryAnn

Welcome to the life of KerryAnn.  I am an Australian in my late 50’s and I travel for work and fun. I hope that you will enjoy my adventure.


My very first blog post explains more about who I am and my history. Rather than doubling up information, you can find it here.

This website is about my life as I travel across Australia and the interests I have.  It will include details of my travels as well as my hobbies and business interests. I have a lot of interests that I aim to write about and share information with my readers. I will also share the tips I discover as I continue to grow my blog.

I have owned bricks and mortar businesses which I started from scratch, one I sold the other I closed down and turned it into a mobile business.  As I travel I sell goods face to face.  I have been turning this into an online business.

My future goal is to have a completely online business. My blog documents the things I learn and the steps I take to become an online presence through my blog and social media.


I recently had an experience where I was kicked off an airline. I had paid my fare 10 months in advance, and because I got a cheap fare and they decided to downsize the plane I was put on a longer later flight. Why me? They said I had not paid enough for my fare.

Many people online feel the same way about those of us who are trying to build a life without forking out thousands of dollars for courses, books, software, and other information. Yes, some money may be required.  However, I have a limited budget and I spend hours sourcing information and if I can help others by relating what I find then I will get personal satisfaction by doing so.

I understand that whilst some investments are absolutely necessary, most of us simply cannot keep forking out for every book, course or software that comes across our path.

Often people are freebie seekers because we need valuable information now and our funds are limited. It is not that we are stingy but we need to apportion our funds to where we will get the most benefit.


My goal is to put together information so that others can find help easily.

I do not subscribe to the buy this and upsell, downsell, cross sell and everyotherway sell to a potential customer.

I do not subscribe to the review of one product and offer my affiliate linked product as the better choice. I promote products because I use or like them and believe that they offer value.

I may have affiliate links within my blog, for products I find that I feel are helpful and are guiding me on my way.  If you do join through one of my links, I may receive a small commission.  This will not cost you more, but it will help me in my goals.

I hope that there are not too many failures along the way, but if I make a booboo, I will be sure to share to try and avoid others making the same mistake.  I hope that I can help people who are wishing to build an online life by sharing my finds.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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