Affiliate Marketing – working in a job you love.

Can you see Affiliate Marketing as a job you love? Think about a subject that you are passionate about, researching and writing about that could be a job. How cool is that?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the means of receiving money from a referral. A marketer advertises or promotes a product and is paid for a successful sale.

In the offline world, companies often have loyalty programs. When person A refers person B to a company, and person B makes a purchase, person A receives a gift or discount off their next purchase.

I once joined a fitness program and received a training guide for supplying the name and phone number of a friend who may be interested in the program. Again, person A receives a gift for the referral of person B.

Affiliate Marketing is simply the online version of this practice.

Refer and you shall receive. It does not cost the purchaser any more, the affiliate simply receives a payment for their successful promotion.

If the referrer is using a product and tells others, then they receive a loyalty payment from the product owner.

Have you seen affiliate disclaimers on a page saying ‘some of the links in this post and my blog may have affiliate links? If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For full details refer to my affiliate disclosure page‘. You will see this throughout my website.

This is a legal requirement but it seems to scare some people into thinking that they shouldn’t click. Affiliate Marketers are required to add this to their website, so let me explain what Affiliate Marketing is.

Affiliate Marketing is similar to advertising.

Affiliate Marketing is really just a means of advertising online and nothing to be scared of.

Offline businesses pay television or other media platforms to broadcast their message irrespective of whether viewers make a purchase.

Online Affiliate Marketers only get paid when the viewer makes a purchase. There are a few pay per lead offers but they are not commonplace.

Unfortunately, there are many Affiliate Marketers who refer product after product and don’t actually use the product themselves. I call these Professional Marketers. They usually build an email list, then create sales systems and promote their hearts out.

However, many regular Affiliate Marketers are bloggers who write about a particular topic that they are passionate about, called a niche. It is wonderful to be able to work and be doing a job that you love. These bloggers often review products that are available and compare them against other products in the same niche. As they love the topic, they are always looking for products that work within their niche, and often share their finds through a review.

If a Health blog is about supplements, then this review could be about a vitamin or tonic, or even a multi-vitamin combination to help solve a health issue.

Affiliate Marketing Reviews. Are they good or bad?

I ask you to consider this. When you decide to try a new restaurant, most people will look at the reviews.

If they are all bad, we tend to reconsider. If there is a mix we often consider that they can’t please everyone.

If the reviews are all good, we don’t hesitate to check out the restaurant for ourselves.

In the online world, I recommend that you think like this as well. No product or software will satisfy every user, and not every user truly understands the product. Therefore, not every bad review should be taken as gospel, but a lot of bad reviews is often a sign that you should reconsider.

A lot of good reviews is a good sign that the product is good and a mix is normal and means you can’t please everyone, and not everyone understood what the product was actually offering.

I find that many bloggers, in the same niche, promote the same, or very similar products. I do believe that this is because the products work well within that niche.

However, unfortunately, it can also be because the product is the only one that provides affiliate commissions. It is often hard to tell the difference. I, therefore, recommend that you do your due diligence.

A lot of good reviews and promoting within a particular niche is a good sign that the product will do what the bloggers say it will. Bloggers tend to stick to one niche and not jump all over the place from product to product.

This is primarily because it helps the search engines to understand what their blog is about and therefore makes them more authoritative, but also because they want to keep their readers. They write about how they use each product and how it helps them.

A blogger may compare other products and see how they are similar, or different. Often each product will have features and benefits in common. However, sometimes there will be very different options or one may have more benefits than the others. This usually means that the blogger is always looking for new options and investigating products rather than just promoting products.

This is an important consideration when you choose which products may help you build your own online business.

How can I start my online business?

Do you ask yourself this question?

One of the products that I use and love is the training and hosting website called Wealthy Affiliate. This site teaches you to create a website, build it with quality content and use good search engine optimization tactics. It also covers things like making money from affiliate marketing and other opportunities and to market your website.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training website that also hosts up to 50 websites for you. This means that you will not need to host your website elsewhere whilst you are a (paid) premium member. You will get security, an SSL certificate, backup and hosting while you are continuously learning.

The community offers tips to the group whenever they discover tactics that work. They also share their success tips and motivation.

It is also a community of members all helping each other to build an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is also an Affiliate Marketing website, so members can promote the website through their personal websites if they wish and when someone joins through their affiliate link, the member receives a payment. As the membership is ongoing, so is the affiliate commission. This is the best type of commission as it does not have a set time frame.

Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate

One of the benefits of the premium (paid) membership is that you can blog on related topics within the site, and as it is an authoritative site often your Wealthy Affiliate blog post will be indexed in Google, whereas your actual blog is smaller and takes longer for the search engines to find you.

Many members use this feature to write content that is keyword rich and if someone clicks on the content and joins Wealthy Affiliate, then the member receives the commission even though it came from the Wealthy Affiliate website and not their own personal website. This can also be achieved by promoting someone else’s blog post through your own website.

I have a blog post from within Wealthy Affiliate that I wrote and would like to share with you. Even a great site like this has members who feel that they should be able to stop paying for their membership and the site ‘owes’ them something. I wrote a post outlining the roles of the member (worker) and the website itself (employer).

The difference between worker and business.

You will be able to read a little bit, then to continue you will be asked for your email address. This means that you will join as a free starter member and be able to read not only my blog but the blogs of other members as well.

For a limited time, you will even be able to blog yourself if you wish. Should you decide to look at the training, you can build two websites for FREE using a Site Rubix subdomain and even have them hosted for up to 6 months. This means that you will not have to buy a domain name to have a website. All it will cost is your time and effort and, your email address.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a message below. You can also follow, like and share on social media using the social media buttons on this page.

Do you want more information on Wealthy Affiliate? You can find a more detailed review on my post Wealthy Affiliate review.

I am working in a job I love, are you?

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