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Best Way Learn To Build Website

The Best way to learn how to build a website.

Looking to find the best way to learn how to build a website in order to make money online? You can learn the hard way, the expensive way, or learn from the mistakes of others, in this case, Me.

In the past, you needed to learn HTML and website design so you could create from scratch. Today you can use software as your foundation and modify it to suit your branding and design requirements. This post will discuss the latter. The foundation I use is WordPress which can be used to create business websites, informational websites, and is particularly ideal for blogs.

You need to find the educational path that suits your budget, talent, and time constraints, but please bear in mind that there is no way to get rich quick. The internet is a huge marketplace and to be successful takes a lot of time, some money, and darn hard work.

I have spent almost 4 years and thousands of hours trying to learn the basics, made a little money, wasted a lot of money, and made far too many mistakes. I will share my thoughts and the gold nuggets I have found in my search to build my blog that may save you some heartache.

Building a website the hard way is like putting all the pieces together in a jigsaw puzzle
Building a website the hard is like putting all the pieces together in a jigsaw puzzle.

The Hard way

The hard way to learn, completely free takes a lot of time and effort. You can find information from many of the following sources.

  • Blogs ( can be discovered through Google Search, Pinterest, or Social Media)
  • Books
  • Email lists (many opt-ins provide tips, free courses, and information that may help)
  • YouTube Channels
  • Google Search
  • Social Media Groups
  • Forums

Benefits of the Hard way

  • The major benefit of this method is that it can be free, or low cost.
  • You can find some free or cheap hosting and website platforms.

Problems with the Hard way

  • Free and cheap platforms have a lot of disadvantages – especially if you want to build a business on your website.
  • You need to make lots of notes and collate the information so that you create your own program.
  • You will need to test theories and find out from trial and error which path will give you the best results.
  • You will have many products promoted to you by good salespeople and it is easy to break the budget when you think you have found the answer. I wasted a lot of money this way and was often disappointed when the product failed to deliver as anticipated or required more expensive up-sells to work properly.
  • There is a lot of information available and you will need to check that it is still relevant today. A lot of information is available on tactics that worked in the past that are not suitable today.
  • YouTube videos have the production date recorded and this needs to be noted as not all are edited to update the information.
  • Blogs have the original published date and some will have the date when updated. Others may be updated without the later date or not updated at all. Many blogs have a lot of advertising and pop-ups which become annoying when you are trying to gather information.
  • Many blogs are created for the purpose of teaching people to make money online and have a lot of promoted products within them which create income for the blogger. This is not bad, it is how many bloggers make money, you just need to remember this when considering recommendations.
  • A lot of time can be wasted watching webinars only to find the promised ‘tips’ are a freebie when you buy the product.
  • Email lists can provide helpful information, but the main purpose of the list is to make money from subscribers. Again, this is not bad, it is simply how email marketers make money and you just need to keep this in mind. Many email lists promote lots of products and your inbox will be overflowing.
  • A lot of YouTube information is of the ‘me too’ variety. Information can be regurgitated time and again causing a lot of time to be wasted for little extra information.
  • Many social media groups offer promotions and marketers can use them to sell their product or idea and good, free information is harder to find. It is there, but not always easy to find. This, however, is a good way of finding information.
cost of learning to build a website
It is easy to spend a lot of money in your journey to build your website

The Expensive Way

Benefits of the expensive way.

Every product will have different features and benefits and you need to investigate the options on an individual basis. Do not make any assumptions.

Having access to a product does not mean that you do not have to actually do any work. You still need to build your website as a business.

Some features you may find in a paid learning experience.

  • You should have a plan of action from start to finish.
  • You should have access to relevant information so you don’t have to research the basics yourself.
  • You will be following the path that other successful people have followed.
  • You should own your own domain name and be able to build a business that is able to be sold.
  • You may have access to coaching and help with getting started.
  • You may have access to member-only Facebook groups or forums.
  • You may have access to support both in regard to your website and/or your content.

Problems with the expensive way.

  • Some paths may have started when the internet was young and are not so easy or relevant today.
  • If there is only one path, you may not have the talent to make that path work for you.
  • It can be expensive to discover that the program is not suited to you, or is not what you were expecting.
  • You may need to try many paths before you find the one that fits your personality and talent.
  • Most of the information within courses can be found for free or for a lower cost if you spend the time and effort to gather this information yourself.
  • As the cost is often high, it is easy to break the budget and run out of money before building your website.
  • Making money is a result of helping people and takes time and if the budget is limited or you need extra help to succeed, you may not be able to continue to build and grow.
  • Many entrepreneurs are living off the profits made from their courses. This means you may be paying more, not for better information and features, but to help cover the high cost of advertising required to reach more potential students. This is just one reason why it is important to research the teacher as mentioned below.
the best way to learn to build a website
Sometimes you can capture the learning experience from the effort of others without it costing you an arm and a leg.

The Best Way to Learn How To Build A Website and Make Money Online

(in my opinion)

The best way, I believe to learn how you can build a website, help others, and eventually make money online is actually a combination of both methods. There are places where you can gather a lot of information free, there are some inexpensive ways to learn together with some low-cost products that I feel should be considered if the budget allows. I will share with you all the gold nuggets that I have found from my four years of scouring the internet almost daily during this time.

Before I do that, I want to share with you some things that you should consider whenever you are contemplating the validation of content on the internet, including information I may offer.

consider your options to create a website before purchase
Think about your options before purchasing any products to help you learn to create your website.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Product

  • Some online entrepreneurs are very good marketers. It is easy to create something and talk about making it big. You can photograph yourself in front of a big house or a fancy car – but does that make someone successful?
  • Many online entrepreneurs will quote gross income figures, but not disclose exactly what expenses they have incurred and how much is left over to spend. Turnover is not the bottom line. Often there are many costs including advertising and wages that need to be taken into consideration. Some will show cheques, yet I have not (to date) seen a business tax return disclosing income and expenditure.
  • Making money 3 or 4 years ago, or even longer, does not mean that the same method will work today. The internet is continually changing and sometimes information is out of date within a few short months.
  • Most programs do not offer a money-back guarantee if it does not work for you. If you invest and can’t make it work you will be back at the drawing board looking for another way.
  • Courses are created for the purpose of making money for the creator. This is not bad – however, you need to make sure that you have done your research thoroughly before you decide to take action. Some courses offer internal membership features that make them value for money. If you do not use this, you may find better value elsewhere.
  • Email lists are created to enable the list owner to promote products once they have gained your trust. Many lists do offer helpful advice but the main reason a list is created is to make money from its subscribers. Again this is not bad – you just need to understand that this is one way to make money online, and you too may wish to use this method.
  • Email lists, like affiliate marketing, can mean that others have done the research for you to save you time. If you are continuously promoted the next ‘big thing’ then this may not be the case.
research how to create a website courses and creators
It is important that you do your research

Do Your Due Dilligence – Research the Teacher.

Some internet millionaires sell personal coaching and programs because they are workaholics and love what they do. However, sorting out the successful entrepreneurs from the pretenders is a big task.

Personal coaching, in my opinion, can be a good option if the budget allows. One on one coaching can offer good value.

Having said that, if you were earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, or more than a million a year as some claim, what would you do?

Would you be doing YouTube videos and seminars every couple of days, creating more courses and continuously updating them as the internet changes?

Would you be advertising everywhere trying to get people into your funnel so you could earn more money?

Or would you be like me and sit back, invest your money, relax, and enjoy life? Do your research on every one.

There are some YouTube presenters who are questioning the validity of some internet gurus and many horror stories around if you look for them.

Make sure you search every content creator by name within Google and YouTube before you consider any purchase.

It is important to check out the refund policy so that you understand the terms. If a refund is offered I recommend a google search to establish whether or not others have found the experience easy.

I would also attempt to verify the validity of the testimonials within any sales page.

The best way to learn to build a website
Educate Yourself

Learn from my hours of research, mistakes and educational sources.

First of all, let me say that I chose to create a blog as my website.

The references I mention are related to creating a website either to sell products directly or as a blog.

I do not claim to know everything and there may be other resources available, I am simply sharing those I have found most helpful and most of them are free resources.

There are many ways to make money online including e-commerce, Amazon, email marketing, buying and selling domain names or social media profiles, creating software or courses, membership sites, selling your own skills as a creator such as designing or creating content for others and more.

Either way, you need to build your business as a brand and market it accordingly. For this reason, I have also included references to making money from within your website and promoting both your brand and your website.


Miles Beckler (lots of good content)

Income School (niche website building)

Neil Patel (SEO)

Gary Vee (Branding and Social Media)

Coffeezilla (guru research)

Alex Becker – the new reformed Alex Becker.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

SEO Tools


Keywords Everywhere (chrome extension)


Jaaxy (has a free trial)


At this point in time I do not follow any personal blogs. Over the past 4 years I have read many by simply searching for topics on Pinterest and following the link to a member’s blog. If there were not a lot of pop-ups I would read other posts whilst there.

I find most of the information I need on YouTube and from the blogs within member forum of wealthy Affiliate.

Best Way Learn To Build Website

Education & Other

Wealthy Affiliate – An educational & hosting website that I use and highly recommend. You can see full details in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Project 24 – (I have not purchased this myself as it is currently not in my budget). It is the product of the Income School YouTube channel listed above.

Udemy – a website with many courses on multiple topics. These courses start from around $15USD and when you research the author you will find many are from successful people who are simply sharing their knowledge. For around the same price as a book, you can have a complete course that you can work on at your leisure. gives you the ability to have a free website, however, you will need to purchase a domain name and pay for hosting. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate WordPress does not offer ongoing training to teach you what to do or community support to help you solve problems you may have within your own content creation.

Hosting – there are a number of hosting platforms. I do not use any so I cannot make an honest recommendation.

I made the mistake of having inadequate hosting once, had my site hacked, and lost the entire website content resulting in the need to start afresh. (I do not know which platform as it was before I began this journey).

I am hesitant to recommend cheap hosting if you must host elsewhere I highly recommend the more expensive options and ensure that they have daily back up of your website, support, and security. I have my hosting within Wealthy Affiliate and all this is included.


There are many options when it comes to learning how to build a website and make money from it. It is very important that you chose the best option for you and don’t waste money chasing shiny objects. You can find a lot of information for free or without spending a lot of money.

There are some expenses that are worthwhile and others that may be essential, however, it is easy to be sold a dream rather than a slow and steady course. Learn from my mistakes and investigate the free and low-cost options I found.

If you start your journey the right way you are more likely to reach the finish line. Four years on, a lot of time and money wasted, and I am just now starting to realize that there are many rabbit holes that can be avoided if you sit back and evaluate everything.

My journey from here on is to help others learn to build a website or blog and enjoy the journey whilst avoiding many of the expensive lessons I had to learn.

As I fast approach 60, I am starting over. I am living a simpler lifestyle and growing this blog so that I can again start to travel and enjoy the spectacular scenery and lifestyle that Australia offers to those who wish to slow down and smell the roses.

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