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Start a blog and make money

Starting a blog is easy but so is making mistakes. Learn what I did wrong so that you don't fall into the same traps. Read More

blogging checklist

I made a blogging checklist to help me fix up my blog. It is a to-do-list of daily chores, with a overall plan to get some Google love. Have you looked back and evaluated your blog and worked out what you need to do? Read More

Help me fix my blog

Want to change your blog from awful to awesome? You need to apply some tactics that will help and tick the boxes. There are 3 principles that must always be in the back of your mind with every piece of content you create. Read More

I Need help to fix my blog

Do you have the correct attitude towards content creation and promotion? I need help to fix my blog- will give you ideas on how to review your website and promotion activities. Read More

Why Do Blogs Fail?

Why do blogs fail and why is mine? Take time to evaluate your blog and ensure you are not making these mistakes. Sometimes we just need to take off those rose coloured glasses and do a little investigation. Read More

What is Keyword Research

Keyword Research is not hard but it needs to be thorough if we want to ensure that the search engines will categorise our posts correctly. Keyword Research will help us create content that answers the searchers enquiry. Keyword Research will help us to provide a good user experience. Read More

What is a keyword?

Understanding what a keyword is and where to find hundreds to choose from can be daunting. These are the methods I use to find keywords for my titles, headings and content ideas. Read More

Affiliate Marketing – working in a job you love.

Have you considered the opportunity to have a job that gives you the opportunity to talk about your passion? Love what you do? Read More

What is a keyword? – What do people search for?

Knowing what people are looking for information on is vital to the success of any website. Knowing where to look for this information and what words people use is not hard. This post will give you the steps you can take to build a list of keywords to use. Read More



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