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The “Money Is In The List” they say. As a list subscriber, how should you feel about this? Do you feel the lists you subscribe to are helpful and informational, or a means to preach products to you?

Email Marketing – what should it really be about?

Email marketing is usually touted as a way to make money by targeting people interested in something, sending them related information, and promoting products that they may wish to purchase.

This is quite callous and many people seem to forget that most of us want emails as a form of communication, not as a means of targeting our weaknesses.

I have been investigating email marketing and looking at how best to set up an email program that is more communicative and less pushy. There are many steps that need to be taken to build an email marketing business and this is what I have discovered to date.

How to obtain email addresses

In order to build an email list, you need a product to give people in exchange. You market your free product to people who may be interested in a particular subject and they give you their email in return.

This needs to be done using a web page or software to advertise the offer, record the email, and software to deliver the product.

There are many programs available to build the funnel to capture leads and I have only tried Clickfunnels but found the cost was not sustainable as a beginner.

I found a recent review of some of the paid funnel options on Khris Digital that you might want to have a look at. Miles Beckler has also released a video on his YouTube channel giving some free options.

Most paid funnel options will offer training that should teach you to build your funnel. Most have affiliate offers to help you make money in return, by promoting their product. Some even offer email templates to help you start an email sequence. However, these templates are often to promote their product, not build a relationship with your own audience and communicate accordingly.

What do you do when you have an email address?

Once the email is entered by the client the address is sent to your autoresponder (automatic email senders).  The autoresponder is like having an employee.  

You need to set up emails for it to send but once set up you have an office worker all ready to receive new customers and deliver your message.  

Hubspot has reviewed the current major autoresponders including those with a free option to start.

Creating emails to send to your list

Email Marketing

Once you have a list of interested people, you need to create a sequence of emails that will be sent out automatically by the autoresponder. The emails should introduce yourself and advise people on how you will help them.

The following emails should offer free advice, and tips, to help these people to understand your message and how you can continue to help them.

If you have a blog, each time you write a post, you will want to send a helpful email discussing the outline of your blog post. The email should contain a link to the post that they can click on for more information.

Occasionally, once you have built up some trust, you may wish to send an email with an offer to buy a product from you, or that you recommend through your link. (Occasionally does not mean sending 5 emails and then a sales pitch.) You need to be promoting to be of assistance, not to make money.

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

An Email Marketing Campaign is targeting people interested in something. sending them free and helpful information on the subject, letting them get to know you as an authority on this subject, and promoting products that will offer valuable assistance to the recipient.

I made a big mistake

I looked at email marketing and other marketing options I was considering as part of my journey.

As I began my journey I watched a webinar and purchased a course to help me get started. As a rookie, I got sucked in and purchased the basic offer which included an email list of people interested in the make money online niche.

Fortunately, I did not succumb to the upsells to increase the list size.

I even had some email templates to get me going and I was hyped up. Yes, I was going to start making money from email marketing.


Most emails were not opened and subsequent emails were bouncing at higher and higher levels. These people were not interested. Luckily I learned my lesson and ceased spamming these people.

Do not buy email lists – you must build your own.

I have since reviewed the way I have looked at email marketing. It has become obvious that for many people the purpose of an email list is to find people to promote your products.

The free information that is given may save the reader some time as they don’t have to spend so much time in research mode, especially as a beginner. However, it has been my experience that a lot of emails are time-wasters and I spend too much time reading and not enough time producing content myself.

Learning to create a blog or website and marketing correctly to potential customers is a big learning curve. There are many ways to learn, but what is best? I found the best way to learn to build a website need not cost an arm and a leg.

Email Marketing
attitude matters

Does this mean you shouldn’t build an email list?

No. I believe email to be a valuable tool in reaching people that may be interested in your blog, website, or product.

I will build an email list, eventually, when I have content that can help people. I have become a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and he promotes jab, jab, jab, right hook.

My interpretation of this is the jab is the giving of content freely to help people. It is OK to ask (the right hook) but it should not be the reason for the jab.

I personally feel too many email marketers think the ask is a right because they have provided some free content. When the value is not obvious to the receiver, instead of moving on with the giving many marketers repeat the offer – just in case you missed it. This is often the time I unsubscribe.

The ask needs to be the delivery of yourself, your product, or your time at a more personal level that can help people by giving exceptional value. The value needs to be in the eye of the receiver.

Like everything in life, there needs to be a balance. Freebie seekers are often future customers who just need a helping hand at this point in their journey.

When people receive a lot of help over time, they may eventually see your ask as value.

Like this? Share it with others and join me as I share my journey. I gave up full-time work 10 years ago and have spent most of this time traveling and having fun. I share my adventures here and on social media along with tips I discover to help others start their journey.


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