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Free Stuff Online

Free Stuff Online

Why do people seek freebies?

  1. People are just looking for information that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.
  2. People can’t afford to buy everything.
  3. People are looking for leaders that will guide them on their journey offer the best value for free. This can often lead to a relationship and a later purchase.

Who looks for Free Stuff Online?

Most people at some stage will be looking for free stuff online.

As marketers, we should expect this of the public? When it suits us we offer ‘freebies’ to entice people to join our mailing list. We also offer free advice on our website and hope that people will click on our affiliate links and buy the products we recommend.

Customers don’t care about you and what you want, however, they do care about what value you can offer them. They will leave your business or blog, their town and even country if a better life opportunity awaits. We, in turn, need to think about what our customers want and not about what we want.

Company stories and statements along with all that feel good teamwork mumbo jumbo is for the staff,  not the customers. We must remember to always think like a customer.

When you visit a grocer, as a customer, the quality and price of the produce is the most important thing most people look for.  We tend not to buy expensive poor quality produce or products that we don’t like.

How can we show value?

I try to take this thought with me when I think about my blog and my social media profiles. A potential customer is looking for value. Free stuff will always offer the customer value, as long as it is true and helpful to them. If you give free valuable information you are likely to keep in the sight of a potential customer and if you give up on them, they are likely to give up on you.

I often hear comments from online marketers about some people just wanting all the free stuff. They don’t consider these people as buyers. I once received an email at the end of a long sequence of tips and ‘buy me offers’ that said something along the lines of ” I have given you lots of free stuff and as you haven’t purchased anything I feel I have nothing further to offer you, so thank you and goodbye”.

Did this marketer offer value or were they just all about selling? What if I wasn’t quite in a financial position to purchase the product or the offer wasn’t just right? I have often seen a product a second time and then purchased.

I mean, how much does it cost to send an email? These same people preach about helping others.

We need to think about always being in the sight of a customer when they suddenly need our product or service. This is why big companies like McDonalds still advertise, even though we all know what their product is. They are keeping in our sight, gently reminding us that they have something we may need to help us or make us feel good.

Often online marketers tend to think about making the sale and forget about always offering value. If people have not unsubscribed from your email list and are still downloading the free stuff, then they are still in the market in my opinion. They are still looking.

Patience is often rewarded

I once spent an hour helping someone without expecting a sale. They needed a product that I could not supply them but I still told them how to solve their problem with someone else’s product. Twelve months later they approached me thanking me for my previous help and they now needed the product I sold. Patience and value are virtues we all need to consider.

I’m not saying don’t make sales pitches, we all need to eat. I hope that I can offer an online product or service that will offer value for the freebee seeker who will later become a customer.

I do believe that freebee seekers are still potential customers. You just need to present your offer or product in a completely different way. Keep yourself in their vision and always remind them that you can solve a problem, or make them happier.

Eventually, you will find the right trigger and it can make all the difference.


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