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There is a lot of emphasis on healthy living today but there are also many different ideas about what healthy means. We are bombarded with information and many of us have tried different diets, exercise regimens, and activities over the years in an attempt to live what we believe may lead to a healthier lifestyle.

More recently, as I approached the big 60, I started to have some health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore I started to look a bit deeper into my food, exercise, and lifestyle choices together with the chemicals in my environment. I will try to make better choices that may help me maintain or improve my health.

Medical health is important, but there are other aspects to health that I try to pay attention to as well. Happiness and being able to spend my time with people and on activities that I enjoy are a big part of my overall mental health.

How do you stay healthy, physically and emotionally?

Unfortunately, we cannot change our genes and it is not always possible to cure every ailment. However, it is my personal belief that our food, activities, beliefs, and environment may play a part in determining our overall health.

How Many Fresh Fruit and Vegetables should I eat?

I eat fresh produce whenever I can and usually have about 5 veggie servings in one meal – so with salad for lunch and vegetables for tea – then carrot, celery, capsicum & berry snacks, I well and truly achieve the recommended 5 serves a day.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables makes me feel good. I don’t feel bloated or fatigued.

What meat do I eat?

I try to eat better grades of meat both red and white. I do try to eat fish occasionally, but I don’t particularly like it. I definitely prefer red meat and find that when my diet has plenty of red meat, I snack less. I look forward to eating when red meat is on the menu.

I believe that in order to maintain your overall health, you need to consider eating the foods that make you feel good.

Should I Exercise?

I have never been a gym junkie, although I did attempt to get fit a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I found that although I lost a little weight, I soon plateaued and lost interest.

I have worked part-time since my late 40s, and the work I have done has included a fair amount of standing. Along with this, I spent a fair amount of time outdoors, walking and taking photographs.

This meant I had a lot of fresh air and have not been sedimentary. I feel this is an important health factor, as slogging away just for the sake of exercise is a mental drain.

Retirement has meant I spend less time standing and more time sitting, particularly when trying to create content. Fortunately, many of my hobbies include walking around or standing. My aim is to do a little activity, often.

Can I have a vice?

My vice is scotch. I justify my vice by drinking it with water.

Gotta be bad at something I guess.

If you completely give up the activities that you enjoy, you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face. This may affect your overall happiness which in itself is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I believe in doing everything in moderation.

Fresh is best.

When I had my house, I grew a lot of my own fruit and vegetables and as I had plenty of freezers I was able to buy whole grass-fed beasts from the butcher and do things like squeeze and freeze my own orange, mandarin, and grapefruit juice.

Nowadays I have fewer options so always choose the fresh unpackaged salad, vegetable, and fruit options and better grades of meat.

Organic is harder to get when you travel, so like most things in life one has to compromise and just go for the better options. Living on a low income also affects my choices.

Other Healthy Choices.

I have always tried to use healthy skincare & personal care products, vitamins & nutritional supplements, and household cleaning products. I believe it is important to reduce the chemicals in our environment.

Work/Life Balance

As part of my healthy lifestyle kick, I embrace the fact that I don’t work full time. This means I have time to do the things that are important to me rather than grinding away at a job for more money.

I live simply, without being feral. I spend time writing this blog and playing around with social media simply because I enjoy it. I am creating income online and from my hobbies.

Enjoy life and make the best choices you can – that is what I attempt to do every day.

I am a real person who began my semi-retirement at 47 and share my thoughts on life, travel, and creating income streams that allow me to continue to fossick, gold detect, travel, and enjoy life.

You can find out more about my history in my post My Journey to build a blog.

Follow me here and on social media. I want to inspire you to set yourself up so that you can enjoy your later years – Your Way.


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  1. I have to say eating healthy really makes a difference. I know from experience. I tried going normal for one month and healthy another. Major difference in the way I felt, and my mood was extremely elevated. Great article.


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