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Today many business owners are using the internet to

  • promote their business
  • sell their own, or other people’s, products through a website or a retail platform
  • or build a business that relies totally on the internet for leads and digital delivery

And the population, in general, is turning to the internet to research products, find suppliers, and are prepared to pay online loving the option to have their choice delivered to their door.

As people look to online options the opportunity has arisen for us to create a business free from the traditional shopfront, staff, and inventory expenses and logistics.

On reflection, I have learned many things from my business experiences that are guiding me to create my online business.

My journey began four years ago and I have made some good choices and many mistakes. I am sharing my knowledge and journey to help others get started right the first time.

This blog will be filled with ideas to help you get the right mindset, find good information, create products, and prepare your own journey in the future.

There is the opportunity, in time and with work for us to be able to travel more, spend quality time with our family, and pursue the hobbies we love.

I had a business for the past 10 years that allowed me to travel and sell both online and offline and I am preparing to start my adventure again, this time free of in-person selling commitments and logistics headaches.

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