How to achieve higher Google Rankings

Higher Google Rankings

I wanted to share with you some information about how to achieve higher Google Rankings.

This blog post, along with my website, may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase a product from my link I may How to achieve higher google rankingsreceive a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can find further details on my disclosure page.

Everyone who builds a website wants to try and ensure that Google finds it so that when someone types a query in search, Google understands that our website may help answer the searcher’s question. Getting this to happen can be a long and daunting exercise. It is now that easy to achieve a high ranking but it can be done.

A wonderful community is nearby.

I am a member of a wonderful website building community called Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a learning website and there is formal training on building websites and making money online. There are two sections, a free starter section which allows hosting of 2 websites through a sub domain. (

There is also a paid premium section, of which I am a member, with further training and hosting of up to 25 of your own dot com (or similar) websites and 25 sub domain (siterubix) websites.  That’s a whole lot of hosting included in a monthly membership fee.

It is also a community of individuals, like you and me, dedicated to building their own websites and helping others achieve the same goals. 

How to achieve higher Google rankingsMembers offer training and assistance as well as answer questions and try to help others.

Unlike many communities, there is no ‘it’s a secret, you might steal my niche mentality’.  Each member will share their website, offer feedback and comment and generally help others achieve their online goals. The web is a huge marketplace and there is a place for heaps of people within the same niche.  

I wanted to share with you a blog post from within Wealthy Affiliate where a member shares his tips on How to achieve higher Google Rankings.  I am sharing this to show you the sort of information that ordinary members are sharing with others. As a starter member, you can access some pieces of training and read blogs but cannot comment on them.

Have a look and see what you think.  It will cost you nothing as a starter member.





how to achieve higher Google rankingshow to achieve higher Google rankingshow to achieve higher Google rankings

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