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How to improve photos for Social Media and your website

Do you know how to improve photos? 

I have been playing around with photo editing and would like to share my tips with you.

I currently used the free version of two software programs, Canva and Ribbet.  They are both cloud-based apps and  I love them both and wanted to share some ideas with you.

Canva has a large selection of grids so that you can add more than one photo onto a graphic. You can also use free shapes, photos, illustrations and more to use to make up individual posts, graphics banners. Canva has templates to use for the best size to use with the various social media platforms and you can also build your graphics to custom dimensions.

You can also save your own templates to use again and again.

You can change the colours that you can use within shapes and for backgrounds and text colour. You can do this for your own designs or free templates. I certainly believe that for a free program it is very acceptable.

You have a choice of templates to assist you with book covers, fliers, and other marketing materials together with the various social media banners as well as the posts.

I have used Canva to make my board covers for Pinterest, along with my banner for Facebook, Twitter, and my blog header. These are all different template sizes, yet the information on them is basically the same.

Ribbet has a couple of extra features that I love as well. You can upload a photo and crop it. This means that you can take out that ugly rubbish bin that just got in the frame by making the whole thing a little smaller. You can pick a feature out of a photo and make a new photo using just the feature. You can turn a landscape into a portrait by cropping the sides.

Ribbet has moved from completely online, to an app on desktop and now limits the number of edits you can do. Unfortunately, it means a great opportunity is now a mediocre one.

  One can spend hours playing around with many software platforms just having fun.  

Combining the best features of each software means you can make some really awesome graphics.

Now when posting a photo to social media, you can improve the general asthetics of the photo, add text or make a frame with a background to highlight it. This means that we can do simple things to improve our social media appearance.

Hope you found this helpful. You can see how I have applied these features on my social media accounts.


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