1. Jay

    I remember the first time I created my first blog. There was a lot I did not know about and I had absolutely no guidance. The blog did not go anywhere and at the end of the day, I made no progress with that blog. The blog I currently have has been amazing and I have been able to build it up to where it currently is due to the fact that I had some training that has thought me exactly what to do.

    From finding a niche, creating and customizing my site, making use of keywords to write my content. All these were possible because I was been trained. This is what I advise everyone that plan to start a blog. They should never do it alone and always try and make sure they get help so they can do it right.

  2. Stratos K

    I like that you kept it simple without overanalyzing what needs to be done. Often newcomers are overwhelmed because the amount of information is a bit too much and in the end they just give up. You give a nice and simple guide of how things should start in order to create the basics and hopefully this will help people that are new and feel lost.

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