1. Thank you Kerry Ann for your thoughtful presentation on Affiliate Marketing . I couln´t help feeling, by reading your post, that affiliate marketing is much simpler.
    An affiliate marketer sells products online on a commission basis. The marketer, though, is not responsible for delivery or shipping of the products. The products are promoted through the affiliate’s website, or blog, which includes a link to the product’s sales page. When a visitor clicks on the link it’s tracked through the affiliate’s “cookie.” The affiliate is given credit for the sale and paid.
    All you have to do is find products that offer an affiliate program. Check companies that list product owners with affiliate programs such as Clickbank.com, Neverblue. Com, or Commission Junction. Amazon.com has an affiliate program as well. Service providers. such as web hosts autoresponders distribution firms and review sites of consumer, professional and business products are other alternatives.
    Another very important thing is to verify the reliability of the owner for payment. Also check the return rate and customer reviews. You donñt want to offer a product that has a high return rate and bad customer reviews.
    Another key element is to determine how the affiliate is paid. It is directly by the product owner. There is a possibility- however slim-that you will not get paid. Third parties like Commission Junction automatically pay the affiliate when the sale is made without the input of the product owner
    Set up a method to receive payments. Some affiliate programs pay through direct deposit, echecks, hard copy checks or through a money transfer service firm like Pay Pal.com, Google checkout, or Money Bookers.
    Complete the affiliate application and submit. You may have to have an established web site in the niche of the affiliate product to be accepted. Other programs don´t require anything more than agreeing tp their terms. You might have to be located in the United states to qualify. States that charge sales tax on internet purchases may not be approved by some affiliate programs.
    Promote your affiliate link by setting up a website or blog that promotes the product. Drive traffic to the website through building backlinks, article distribution, participation on relevant forums and discussion groups. Other methods include social bookmarking, Tweeter, Facebook and Pinterest.
    You may have mentioned some or all of these points, but were not all straight forward to me.

    • kerry ann

      Thank you for your comment Enrique. You are correct with your comment that affiliate marketing is not easy and requires a lot of research. Every online business requires research and hard work.
      My post did not detail all of this, as I was looking at the viewpoint of whether Affiliate Marketing could be considered a passive income source candidate for the 4 hour work week, rather than pointing out all the steps that an affiliate marketer would need to take into consideration when choosing products to promote. That is a completely different matter, as is business structure, SEO, advertising and promotion.
      I have been reviewing different online business structures to see if I thought I could turn them into a possible candidate for a 4 hour work week.
      I have also looked at blogging and whether it could be considered a candidate for the 4 hour work week. You can see that post Is blogging a passive income source?

  2. Paul

    Dear Kerry,

    Thanks a lot for the in-depth and detailed post. I got great insights from your post.

    I will have to go back to it a few times in order to grasp all of that information. You definitely have done your research. 

    I have the Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week eBook on my computer but yet to read it. After reading your post I am determined to read it.

    I am a fan of Affiliate Marketing because “Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions & Ordinary People Millionaires.” ~ Bo Bennett

    The information you shared on this post is Gold and For sure Affiliate Marketing is a passive income.

    Yes I do agree with you in the initial part itself its not possible to work 4 hours a week. In the beginning we need to invest a lot of time and gradually when the business start growing we can minimize the working hours by outsourcing and going for tools which can reduce our efforts.

    Wishing you great success!


    • kerry ann

      Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words. I am so pleased that you found the information worthwhile.

      I hope you will take a moment to read the Four Hour Work Week. It is certainly thought-provoking.

      Wishing you all the best in your online adventure

  3. Joe

    Thanks for the very insightful and informative article. I find the information extremely useful for people like me who are just starting out. I did spend quite some time going through articles from different websites just to get a clear picture of how affiliate marketing works and yours sums it up pretty nicely. I wish I came across your post earlier. That would have saved me a ton of hours of research. What would you say is the average time before someone makes a sale or even make this a full time income?

    • kerry ann

      Hi Joe, Glad you enjoyed my post.
      Unfortunately, no one is able to make a guess at the average time before someone makes a sale, if at all. Any business you start takes time, effort, marketing and so much more. You first need to find a customer who likes your product or service and convince them that your offer can solve their problem.

  4. Cathy Cavarzan

    Wonderful article. I can say from experience that affiliate marketing can definately be passive income in time. I am also a member of WA and for me the biggest thing is doing keyword research which by the way they have a wonderful tool for that called Jaxxy it is great. I only post my an article on average 1 per month and have been ranked on the first page a couple times for different keywords,it did take about 3 months. The other I am looking at is clickfunnels also. 

    • kerry ann

      Thank you Cathy. I hear of people like yourself who are making money from Affiliate Marketing and it gives me the inspiration to continue with my journey. I agree that Jaaxy is a wonderful research tool.
      It has a free keyword tool option available to Wealthy Affiliate starter members. With a premium Wealthy Affiliate membership, there are many extra features including site rank which I use to see when my keywords finally make it to the top of the search engines.

      Jaaxy can be a tool for all Affiliate Marketers and has its own Affiliate program. This is my affiliate link, if any readers are interested in checking it out. Jaaxy

  5. Sujandar Mahesan

    I have been hearing things about affiliate marketing for the past few months. I understand that this is a growing business nowadays. I really wanted to learn about affiliate marketing and this article had all the information I needed to know about affiliate marketing. Thank you so much for explaining what it is and what do we need to start in affiliate marketing.

    • kerry ann

      Thank you Sujandar. I am very pleased that you were able to benefit from my article. I hope this will guide you in building a successful business.

  6. Hugo

    Thanks for your explanation of affiliate marketing concepts.  I came across the cookie duration question not long ago, and was not clear on what it meant.  It now makes sense after reading the explanation you offer.  It’s nice to know that there some businesses that offer cookies that last for an indefinite time.  

    I’m still not convinced that I’d be able to do this business in four hours per week, but I don’t know; maybe with a bit more experience…?

    • kerry ann

      Hi Hugo. Cookie duration is often something that is glossed over by people promoting Affiliate Marketing.

      The longer the duration of the cookie, the better for the Advertiser. Not everyone has the funds to make a decision and purchase immediately. Advertisers need to continue to promote so that these potential customers don’t forget where the information came from.

      With extended cookie duration, if they bookmark the Business product page the cookie is still there. The potential customer doesn’t need to revisit our original link. I think this is wonderful as I know I have bookmarked in the past when I found useful information.

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