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Is blogging a passive income source?

blogging passive income

When trying to work within the principles of Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week, I decided to analyze different online business models and evaluate the amount of time I expect it would take to start each business and then maintain it as a passive income producing steam.

You can see my review of this book on my blog page 4 hour work week can you do this

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When trying to work within the principles of Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week, I decided to analyze different online business models and evaluate the amount of time I expect it would take to start each business and then maintain it as a passive income producing steam. You can see my review of this book on my blog page 4 hour work week can you do this

Is blogging a passive income source?

If you read the hype blogging is a lot of fun. You write about things that interest you and hope that others will like what your blog is about. I wish it was as easy as that.

blogging passive income

First of all, you need to decide what your blog should be all about.

Many people, myself included, have found that this is not as easy as people make it out to be.

Even today, some 2 years after starting this blog, I don’t have a narrow niche.

My blog is about me and my travels and how I am trying to make money online.

Many people advise that this is a bit too broad. Never mind.

How do people find you?

In order to be found you need to make sure that your blog contains information that people are looking for. This is mainly done through keyword research.

Then you need to write about the topics that people want information on or help with. If you can solve a problem that people are having, then it is likely that people will look for answers on the internet. I hope that by sharing my journey I will help others discover ways to make money online.

What is keyword research?

what is keyword research

Keyword research involves thinking about how you are solving peoples’ problems or answering their questions.

From this research, you then need to try to work out what actual words people will use to search within the search engines.

This information helps you to write a post with the wording that will enable it to be found by the search engines.

As we are all different, when we are looking for something, we tend to type different words in.

What is the best keywords tool?

Is blogging a passive income source?

There are many ways to search including using Google and seeing what suggestions Google makes as you start typing in the search bar.

This is just a guide that will give you an idea of the most searched terms.

However, when you are starting out you will have a lot of competition and for this reason, it is very helpful to have a tool to help you find keywords that people type that are not so competitive.

This method will give you some ideas to type into a keywords research tool.

What is the best keywords tool? The one that I like and is easy to use is called Jaaxy. You can try Jaaxy for free, for 30 keyword searches.

Jaaxy keyword search tool

I use, Jaaxy for my keyword research and site analysis. With my premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate, I get a free version of Jaaxy Lite. This includes unlimited keyword searches together with some extra features.


Allows me to check which keywords I am starting to rank for on Yahoo and Bing, and will tell me if any of the keywords reach the 1st page of Google.

Search analysis

Allows me to put in a keyword and see what other sites are writing about this keyword.

Whilst this can be done on Google, this tool gives you the Meta Description together with information on the site itself, the word count of the post, the links within and back links to the sites, the Alexa ranking and whether the site uses Adsense.

This allows you to understand your competition a little more and can enable you to try to have better SEO.

Affiliate program search.

You can search for affiliate programs of a particular keyword and get some information on them.

These features are available as a free starter trial of Jaaxy, for anyone who is not a premium Wealthy Affiliate member.

You can check out Jaaxy for yourself.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the term used to describe how your content should be presented so that when the search engine spiders crawl over it, they know what you are saying and can analyze it so that it can be presented to those who are searching for the information.

This is a learning curve and there are many things that you can do to present your blog in such a manner that the search engines consider the content of good quality.

Is blogging a passive income source?

For this reason, a good training program like Wealthy Affiliate is so wonderful. You can learn all that you need to know about keyword research and SEO and setting up a blog, or website and building it into an online business. You can find a full review on this blog post. What is Wealthy Affiliate about? – this will shock you.

Learning how to write and doing so on a regular basis so that your website gains authority takes time and work.

Most people will say that as a starter blogger, you need to put out at least 3 posts a week. Each needs to be good quality and well researched. I find that this is taking me around 4 hours a day.

I generally find that it takes around 4 hours to research, write, find or create images, and work through ways to link to other posts within your website before it is acceptable to publish.

Advertising and Promoting your website

Once your website is published, you cannot just sit back and wait for the search engines to find it. You need to try to get it out to people so that you can get some comments and social media shares. This helps the search engine to understand that your website and blog post has content that people will want to read and assist you in moving up the ranks.

I wrote a series of blog posts on building a Pinterest profile that you may find helpful.

What is a Pinterest Profile

How to pin what to write in the description

How to make images for Pinterest

What to pin- Content is king

What is a dream board?

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Promoting to your social media platforms needs to be done regularly and carefully. You do not spam, or you will lose followers. You need to spend a little time writing a description that is different for every medium. Sometimes you can post a couple of different times a day, with different descriptions.

Ongoing, there are programs that can help you schedule your posts, but you still need to input time to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Building your social media profiles

You need to continue your work building up your social media followings through the various platforms if you want people to see the blog post. This again takes time and continual effort to achieve.

If you want to build an email list so that you can forward your future posts to interested people, then you need to create a lead magnet so that you give people a reason to join your list.

What happens when you stop blogging?

If you have a very large following, plus an email list and use systems and virtual assistants to help you with research then it is possible to work a 4-hour week. However, I do feel it would take a number of years to reach this position.

If you are young, no problem but for an old fogey like me, I’m not sure I have the patience. However, I will continue to blog because I enjoy it.

If you enjoy your work I guess it does not really matter that it takes longer than 4 hours a week to do it.

I will be happy to spend 4 hours a day working on my blog and promoting it. Maybe in time, I can reduce that to 4 hours a day 3 times a week. A twelve-hour work week is acceptable.

What do you think? Do you think it is possible to reduce the time spent on a blog to as little as 4 hours a week?

Please leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.
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12 thoughts on “Is blogging a passive income source?

  1. You expressed some really interesting views in this article. I especially like the idea that working towards a 4 hour work week might not seem obtainable, in your circumstances, but it remains a great reference and benchmark for you. I like the fact that you have a clear action plan that is measurable over time. Thank you for the perspective, I think that I can produce the same result over time. Maybe not overnight, but in time. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sherman. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. I do believe that given enough time and hard work, each of us will eventually be able to work fewer hours. I am certainly trying my hardest to make it happen.

  2. Hi! I have enjoyed your post very much! I would be super happy with a 4 hours a day business. And with affiliate marketing after a couple of years of hard work, I believe it’s achievable. I haven’t arrived there yet. But being perfectly honest, I do believe it’s achievable! Let’s keep on working until we get there!

  3. This Is amazing topic I found this to be very useful! I had so many questions about blogging. I had to change my outlook on it to make it more me almost like a personal diary I think it’s amazing to be able to do something like this!! You have to really apply yourself constantly and maintain your time wisely 

  4. I got to know of making money with blogging while I was surfing the internet for ways to make money online. I decided to give it a try with no experience but the training platform you recommended in your post has taught me most of the things that I now know. 

    With some few months of experience I have now, spending 4 hours a week on your blog as a starter wouldn’t earn you much. It will take years to get to a level where you can make a consistence income. I’ve observed that the longer hours you spend on your blog as a starter the shorter the time to start making a consistent income. 

    However, established bloggers can decide to work 4 hours a week if they hire people to write contents for them to keep their business at its peak. Even that I think it wouldn’t be that easy.

    1. Hi, yes I agree it will take some time and a huge following before there is any likelihood of making blogging a 4 hour work week candidate. However, I still believe that in time I may be able to bring it down to 12 hours a week. Crossing my fingers.

  5. KerryAnn,

    My guess is you can probably do a 4 hour work week if all you are doing is overseeing everyone else doing the actual work for you.  Which is what all those people selling those systems leave out and why they cost so much!  I mean here I could get a software program to work within Wealthy Affiliate to post to all my Social Media Platforms once I am ready to publish a post, but being new I am not really comfortable enough to do that.  I am like you I would rather do the work myself and if it takes me longer to get there – then it takes longer, but with Wealthy Affiliate I do know one thing I will get there.

    Thank you for this information I will stay like you with Wealthy Affiliate and put in my time,


    1. Hello Susan, thank you for your thoughts. I totally agree with your comment about the costs many people ignore. I wrote a post some months ago and stated exactly the same thing. It was entitled Make Money online Thoughts. In that post, I also mentioned that it was not turnover that counted but what was left over. Every business including an online one must take into account the cost of presenting itself to potential customers.

  6. Hi Kerry Ann,

    I have been blogging for about 10 years now and I found your post to be very informative and accurate for a new blogger to understand.

    Blogging is an essential part of any business. It allows the blogger to share thoughts and at the same time stamp their authority of their niche on the internet.

    Before people buy, they will commonly check your website to see if you are credible and blogging can be a great way to show your position in the market.

    I consider your website a central part of your online business and all other parts of the internet should feed into it.

    Many bloggers make the mistake of making Facebook the center. That’s great unless you get hacked, shut down or loose access for any reason.

    Social media should be used to drive prospects to your website, which you control!

    You have done a great review of blogging!


    1. Thank you, Tim. It is wonderful to have the opinion of an experienced blogger. I am also glad that you don’t appear to totally disagree with the possibility of being able to reduce my hours as time goes by. Whilst I have a long way to go before I catch up to your expertise, I am confident that I will achieve success with time.
      Thank you for your input. I agree that too many businesses seem to just have a Facebook presence. This is particularly annoying when as a customer you are just after their contact details and they are unable to be easily located within a Facebook page.

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