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Make Money Online – Earn Easy Commissions

Want to make money online?

Want to make money online, but just don’t know where to start.  Is money an issue?  I know it is for most of us.  We have spent money trying this course or that, bought books and software. Yet we are still looking.

This post and my blog may contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of my links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  You can find full details on my affiliate disclosure page.

We once could earn commissions through referrals.

No money outlay.  There are some rules like those that we refer have to supply a valid email and actually log in and participate.  No brainer there.

But now only if those we refer join the email autoresponder and a tracking software.

What I liked most, was that we could earn commissions without the expense of having to join the program.  This is so, but there are more restrictions on the actions of those you invite.  There are a number of paid levels, and some people will see the opportunity and continue up the line.  If you do join a paid membership level you will get added bonuses and higher commissions, but it is possible that you can still earn money as a free member.  It just got much harder.

This program has changed since it’s inception.  Now as a free member you can still earn money, but only if the person you refer signs up to a couple of software programs.  I have therefore revised my opinion in accordance with the new changes.

Training is provided.

Even as a free member, you have access to the Facebook group and training.  The teaches you mindset as well as some methods of promoting your affiliate link both free and paid.  The training gave me the tactics to use to promote through other avenues, not just the ones shown in the training.  This is helpful.

Advertising materials

There is also advertising materials such as banners and email swipes so that you can get started easily.  Of course, you can always do your own banners through Canva and make up your own messages which I aim to do so that my messages are slightly different to everyone else.  The infographics on this page are my own.


I feel it is a shame that they changed from a referral model to an affiliate marketing model.  All the advantages of the program have been eliminated in one fell swoop.

I am therefore sharing this information, as you may find it helpful, but I have personally pulled out of the program.


2 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Earn Easy Commissions

  1. Thank you for telling the truth that there is money online.
    I thought this was a scam before but when I read reviews and testimonies of people who have learn to make money online I am persuaded to do it myself. I want to make money also so I’m here.

    1. Hi Jimmy. I was very happy with the training when I was with this program. It may continue to be valuable, but for me it lost a lot of it’s appeal when I had to start paying monthly fees and promote to make it all come together.

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