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Membership Site A Way to Help Others

membership site

I was recently returning from a tip and arrived at the airport only to discover that I had been kicked off the plane.

I had to take a later, longer flight instead of a direct route to my destination. Not happy Richard.

Why me? I had paid my fare ten months in advance and therefore had a cheaper fare. Although the airline had made use of my money for that time, they decided that only those that had paid more would take the allocated flight when they decided to downgrade the plane size to save money as the original plane was not fully booked. So off with the ‘cheap’ patrons.

It made me feel like a second-class citizen. Have you ever felt this way?

How does something like this make you feel?

It made me look at how people without much money feel, when it comes to trying to find information about making money online.

Many internet marketers complain that people are forever seeking freebies and not will to pay for the more expensive offers.

Often, this is because people simply don’t have the spare funds to spend on tools to help them build their online business. Often, they are looking to the internet to help them earn more money to supplement rather than replace their existing income.

Software and course providers make comments like ‘we have priced the product to get fewer but quality members and as you have paid more for the product and you are more likely to follow through”. To this, I say ‘Crap’.

What they really mean, is that if you have more money to start with then you are more likely to follow down their sales funnel and buy the more expensive products. These marketers are about making money, not helping everyone irrespective of their income. This is fine, and I don’t have a problem with that, but please be honest.

I heard one presenter say that if you offer ‘free plus shipping’ you will weed out the freebie seekers and attract buyers, because buyers will pull out the credit card. You just deliver a physical book rather than an e-book with the same information.

This leaves many low-income people behind and they never get to start the race, let alone reach the finish line.

How can I help?

Membership Site A Way to Help Others

I want to be able to provide a low-cost membership site where I can store information continually and update this as the internet changes, and I discover different or better ways of doing things.

Every so often Google, or a platform, will change their algorithm and people chasing information are confused by older or conflicting advice.

This can cause people to take steps that lead to getting banned or put into Cyber Jail by the various platforms.

As I continue to spend a lot of time reading, watching videos, attending webinars and joining courses trying to gather as much information as I can, I have started to make even more notes on the type of topics that I feel could be helpful to anyone just starting out.

I have literally spent two years with my head stuck in the computer usually for more hours than people work for a living. Yes, I have been known to spend 50-70 hours some weeks. All in an attempt to work out this internet thingy.

What information will be inside the membership site?

I have downloaded many lead-magnet offers and landed on so many email lists many times over. Often the information is the same and just put together in a slightly different manner.

I have spent a couple of years downloading everything that I can get my hands on and even paid for some software, books and courses. I hope to save others a lot of time and effort by putting all the information I have found especially where that information has helped me in my journey.

I am learning about building websites, delivering products or promoting other people’s products, marketing through social media and other mediums together with finding helpful websites to guide me along my way.

One website that I will remain a member of, even though it does offer some similar information, is Wealthy Affiliate. You can find a full review of the is on my blog page What is Wealthy Affiliate about – this may shock you. I will continue to recommend this site in addition to my membership site.

This blog is part of the way I will continue to share information and has led me to consider starting this membership site where all the information is compiled and collated into one place.

I have also purchased many books that I have the resell rights to. This means that I can choose to sell them to people, or I can include them for viewing within a paid membership site. This means newbies will not have to keep paying out for information and it will give them an opportunity to do most of their research in one place.

Can I add images?

I like to take photos as I travel and when I have spare time, I will be continuing this hobby. I will add both landscape and portrait photos within the membership site to help members access royalty free photos. As I work with Canva and Ribbet, I will make some of my own graphics as well. The idea is that it should help newbies have quick access to some material prior to learning to search the internet and hopefully prevent them from getting into copyright issues.

Why did I consider this membership site?

membership website

Recording my goals, my thoughts and the actions I take has helped me test and reach out to others to try and gain some insight into the world of making money online.

I have found it hard to keep track of every piece of information that I hear and read.

I do take many notes and I have found that there is so much information, most of it repeated, yet it is not easily found in one place.

I hope to address this problem.

There may be some products that I will recommend within my membership site, to help you grow your business once you have completed your research. Wealthy Affiliate will certainly be one.

Do you feel a membership site would help you find information quickly and easily? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

If would be wonderful if you would share my message on social media. You can find like, follow and share using buttons below.   This would help me get my message out to people that may benefit from my membership site.


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