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Pinterest marketing strategy – build your Pinterest business

Pinterest Marketing strategy

Pinterest marketing strategy – build your Pinterest business

Once your profile is built you need to start targeting potential customers. These are the people who are interested in you and your products. I would like to share with you my marketing strategy moving forward so that you too can build a business within your Pinterest Profile.

This is the final post in a series of posts to help you build a business through Pinterest. If you have not already read these posts, you can find them by clicking on the links below. Each will open in a new tab.

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Increase the people that follow you

Pinterest follower numbers only make you look good, it does not mean that these people are potential customers. However, I do try to build this number constantly because we can make use of these followers in our marketing strategy.

Some followers will like your content and follow you simply because they want to see more of your content. These are your fans and are the people we are trying to reach. These people are likely to click on our content, and when we take them to our website or product page, they are interested enough that they may choose to become a customer. We want to provide good content and focus our marketing towards to these people.

Many followers are people who simply build a profile to be ‘seen’ on Pinterest. They are only likely to see a photo and repin it. Many do not read the post, so they share our posts which is always good, but they are unlikely to become a customer. This doesn’t really matter, we hope we can simply get these people to share our pins. This can be to our advantage.

When people share our pins, it means that the pin can get traction and be viewed by more sets of eyes. This is the reason I am continuously building the numbers of followers. I want these people to do some of my marketing for me. If we can provide good content, then we can hitch a ride on their repins.

Increase the number of people I follow

In order to increase the number of people I follow, I am looking for people by topic and simply following hoping that they will return the favour. I am also following people with a large following, hoping that their followers will find me as well. This also often gives me good content to consider as a repin.

At times, I also follow by Pinterest board as this will cause a notification to potential followers. Pinterest will often say Jane Doe and 4 others followed XYZ board. An opportunity to get Pinterest to promote to potential followers. The boards I choose to use with this option are ones that relate to the same niche as my money boards.

When I follow someone, Pinterest often makes recommendations of similar people and I follow the recommendations as well.

There are only so many people you can follow at once, therefor I try to follow like this 2 to 3 times a day rather than in one large block.

I also follow by hashtag within the same niche as my money boards. The strategy here is to try to find people interested in these topics who may click through or repin content from my money boards.

Pinning to our money boards

Each day I will post one pin to each money board. If the above mentioned followers pick it up, then we are likely to have potential customers see it too. It is all about getting eyeballs onto our pins.

Money boards were covered in the post, what to pin Content is King.

Pinterest has an advertising feature that allows you can place adverts that Pinterest will place in people’s feed. You can target keywords and phrases that people are searching for. However, I am not targeting this when there are free options available.

Making money on Pinterest.

Pinterest marketing strategy – build your Pinterest business

Once established you may be contacted by people who wish you to promote their product or website. This is the reason quality is so important. If you attract the right audience, then you may be paid to promote products and earn income this way.

Your analytics will tell you the location and demographics of your followers, so you could also be the one to reach out and offer to promote a product or business as a marketer. This also has the potential to earn you income.

You can contact solo ad providers and ask if they will send out information to their email list about your Pinterest Profile. You need to consider their target audience and what boards you wish to target so that you get traffic back to your website, or product. As money is required for this strategy I would only do this once I have a lot of content leading back to my products and website.

If you build a fan following within Pinterest, they are more likely to go to your blog and read the information and/or join your email lists. You can then make money indirectly if your blog is monetized or you have a good follow up email sequence.

Time is a Pinterest strategy


We need to allocate time to build our business. Whilst 10 minutes a day may be sufficient to maintain, time needs to be spent preparing and posting our content. We need to look at this Pinterest profile as part of our marketing strategy rather than just social media fun time.


Hashtags are searchable in Pinterest and help the algorithm make a decision about the content. For this reason every pin will have some relevant hashtags. You can add up to five at the end of the description.

It doesn’t matter whether it is your pin or someone else’s that you are repinning, add some hashtags to the description.

Pinterest Photo strategy.

In my previous blog post, how to make images for Pinterest, I outlined the steps I am taking to improve the quality and quantity of my own pins.


You do need to spend time on Pinterest.

In order to increase the amount of time you spend on the platform and to draw attention to yourself, you should comment on pins and interact with people.

Even if you do not follow these people, commenting and repining often gets them to look at your profile and consider following you or repining your content. If a big profile repins your content, then it will reach plenty of eyeballs.

Find some larger followers.

Pinterest marketing strategy – build your Pinterest business

Pinterest does not have a follower/following ratio that you need to worry about. In order to find people to follow I have a look through the pins in my home feed. As you click on the pin, you can see below whether It has a name and follow button. If it has a follow button I click to follow and scroll down a little. Pinterest will usually offer recommendations of people who are similar.

You can also use this strategy by finding brands by name. Big brand names often have a large following.

In this way, I have easily found people with more than a hundred thousand followers. Often this means that you will have a lot of good content within the following feed that I can be used to build your profile. These people often pin a lot, so although I follow ordinary people as well, my feed content is good.

Keep trying to build followers.

In order to help retain followers, I do follow back every day. Some people will unfollow you. This is often because they are using an automated system to build a following. Don’t stress about this as these are not real profiles anyway. They use an automated system to repin as well and may find your content through the strategies you are already using.

Remember, you can’t reach everyone. You don’t need to, you just need to build a fan following.

Whilst followers on Pinterest may not be that important, having a lot of followers means that you get a good percentage of eyeballs on your content. This will continue to build your fans. If your pin looks good and sounds interesting, then you get a better chance of getting traffic to your website or product sales page.

These are the marketing strategies that I am using as I move forward. I am still a small player yet Google Analytics tells me that I am getting traffic to my website from Pinterest and it is growing all the time.

Pinterest is only one marketing strategy that I am using as I build an online business. As I work through other mediums I will continue to share my thoughts, strategies and results.

If you do have any questions or strategies that you have found useful and wish to share, please leave a comment below. If you found this post helpful please share on social media through the share buttons.


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