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I travel across Australia and take photos of everyday scenery, life, and events.  I am not a great photographer, but I hope that doesn’t bother people too much.  Please follow me and enjoy life with me.

Some links on this page and throughout my website may be affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of my links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  For full disclosure, you can view my affiliate disclosure page.

I pin a lot of things that interest me and have a wide selection of board topics.  I ignore the teachings of ‘professional business pinners’ in that I do not choose to make my profile about one particular niche.  This is because I am, and my blog is, all about me and my life, thoughts and ideas.  I trust that you will appreciate that I am a real person and not just an extension of my business/blog.

I am in the process of changing from a mobile retail business to an online one.  In my blog, I share information about the actions I take, as well as websites and products I use, and I do the same through my social media profiles.

I have a number of interests that I take photos of and through my blog I will write about.  My blog is also my private thoughts, feelings, and rants. I share my thought process as I discover information and try and process its accuracy. In my past and present businesses, I have shared tips and tricks with other business owners and I am trying to repeat this process in the online world.

I do wish to make money online as my business model and I do join appropriate affiliate programs as I go so my posts may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase from one of my links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I plan on adding some pins as time goes by that are affiliate links to purchase products. This could be fashion, household products or web related products.

The Bio section of Pinterest is very limited so I have just added keywords that relate to the areas of life that I am particularly interested in. My boards expand on this further and include things I regularly take photos of.  This includes sunsets, cloud formations, animals and scenery in general.  I also have boards of topics such as clothing &fashion, outer space, crafts, and other hobbies.

My banner, at the top of this page, expands on my interests a little further as well.  I trust you will find this information a little more informative than is able to be provided through my Pinterest bio.

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