Starting an online business

These are the step by step instructions of how I am starting an online business, from start to finish. In each step there is a link to the blog post and where applicable, a link to the website. There are many ways to get yourself set up.  This is my way.

1. Join a website builder program. When starting an online business, one option is to have your own website right from the start. This blog post on the website builder with an affiliate program is the one I have mentioned in my blog posts about getting started online. I chose Wealthy Affiliate. Once you have completed this free course you will have two websites set up. Now within the subject of your website, you now need to find products to sell. You could sell products, services, digital products,  affiliate programs, or just blog and later move to reviews to sell items.

I became a premium member so that I could set up dot com websites.  I then also got more training.  I needed these for my blog and for my sourcing company to give my Amazon business credibility.  I got a quote to set one up – $500.  So quite a saving.

2. Join an Amazon course.  I chose Reliable.Education.  Adam teaches a down to earth, slowly but surely process and supports you with tips and referrals to people who can assist along the way.  This includes import agents and the like.  He also has a Facebook community where people help and inspire others. I highly recommend this course. Even if you choose to sell on another sales medium, this course teaches so much about sourcing products and presenting your business in a professional manner. Even if you choose not to sell on Amazon, this is a brilliant course to help you understand how to find products and market them.

3. Learn about email marketing. There is a lot of free books and information online at the moment.   As part of email marketing, I need products to send and the means to build structures to capture email addresses.  At this stage, learn only until you actually have a product to sell or promote.   Purchasing programmes that you do not need yet are expensive.

 (I purchased Converzly, however there are a number of programs around including Click Funnels.  This software is to capture email addresses, send products and information and email campaigns.  This again is training on how to promote products. I am still researching)

4. Get an autoresponder.  This allows you to automatically send out a range of emails per campaigns.  I got a free Mailchimp to get me started.  Later I will consider all options available.  There are a number of different ones on the market.  I figured that I would use different ones later for various campaigns as they each have limitations to the number of subscribers you can have or emails sent. I chose the cheapest  MailChimp autoresponder allows 2000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails a month.  That is a lot of emails and all for free.  I plan to use it for my first campaign, of a product I am writing to offer in order to get interested subscribers. 

5. Set up social media profiles in your business name.  You can use these profiles to promote your business, your products and yourself.

6. Find a product to sell.  This could be a physical product, a service you can offer or a digital product (including ebooks, courses, membership sites and the like).

7. Consider Affiliate Marketing.  When you use a product, you can recommend it to others and receive a small commission for the referral.  You do not need to just promote products willy-nilly.