I began my online journey in January 2017 and have spent thousands of hours (yes, often 60-70 hours a week) researching, listening to YouTube videos, reading books and blog posts, attending webinars and coaching sessions, participating in communities, and completing courses within the make money online niche.

My blog has been rewritten several times as I have realized that a lot of the information I have found has been out of date or incomplete.

I have been in business for many years and am applying the logic of my knowledge whilst re-assessing everything I have learned.

I have set a plan in place to re-launch my blog and social media with the view that the search engines of tomorrow will be smarter than they are today. 

I have started analyzing what people are doing instead of just listening to what they are saying and have made a few personal observations which I will have in mind as I attempt to build an online business.

In the past, people learned to build online businesses through trial and error, and I believe the actions some people are taking today will become the content for the courses of tomorrow.

My thoughts on the current situation.

  • Whilst many people promote ‘finding keywords’, ‘good content’ and, ‘great user experience’ I feel there may be different points of view on keyword selection and content, and what constitutes a great user experience.
  • Recent changes within Google such as featured snippets indicate that many users are looking for short, relevant answers instead of long complex documentation.
  • Video and stories within Social Media seem to indicate that people are more interested in viewing content rather than reading it.
  • Large websites often appear at the top of searches, even when an exact keyword match does not apply.
  • Large websites often rank very quickly for their new targeted keywords. 

My opinion of the future.

I believe that as the search engines continue to evolve, understand synonyms, content, and intent, and track user actions there may be many different factors content creators need to consider including:

  • Keyword cannibalization and duplicate content. Many websites have been built using similar longtail keywords that have similar but not exact content. As the intent of the search is the same, it could be considered duplicate content.
  • Tracking good user experience will expand to include studying whether a user is re-entering search terms which are synonyms of the original search or are similar but have the same intent.
  • Large websites with broad niches containing different content will have even more authority over their smaller rivals.
  • Larger websites will target keywords with lower search volume to increase their content.
  • Authority and Trustworthiness will expand to include the social media followings of a website or its owners.
  • Search engines and algorithms will be able to track the actions of the user on-site, such as scrolling and reading or skimming, pausing to view images, watching videos, and following links that open in a new tab which may make the page appear to be viewed longer.

My Actions

Step one

Many people will say to niche down but I believe that the future will be for websites that start small and grow. Therefore decide on a larger niche but start small. An example would be a website on caring for pets but start with a dog breed then different breeds, dogs in general and eventually moving to different species.

Therefore, I have selected a travel and lifestyle niche targeted at over 50’s looking to travel and live an RV lifestyle. The content may help people of all ages who wish to start a similar lifestyle, or travel and prospect for gold or dig for gemstones.

As people of all ages may be looking to fund their travels, I am documenting the steps I am taking to build an online business to fund mine.

Step Two – Learn and Get started

When starting an online business, I believe the best option is to have your own website right from the start, get some basic training, join a community so you can get help and ideas and have great hosting.

I chose Wealthy Affilate as this website has all of these features. It is not perfect, but a very good start.

Even within the free training, you will have a website set up.

I have done a review of Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out for free and see for yourself.

Step three – Set up social media profiles

Social media is a wonderful way for people to discover you and your website. Whilst it can be time consuming to spend time within each social media platform, you can simply set up your profiles and post content as you grow your online business.

Many tactics of the past to gain followers are no longer relevant. The best way is to create content that people will like. As you build your website and online business, content will be available to be repost within social media.

It is important that you post helpful content, and not just post links to affiliate websites or content intended to promote products.

Step Four –

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