Starting my build a website training all over again.

When first learning to build a website, I and many others decided to get some training. Unfortunately, in the excitement to get started, I glossed over the training thinking I could just get a general idea and start and everything would be fantastic.

Why should you go over the training basics again and again?

A solid base is an essential foundation. Repeating educational steps over and over again helps us to enforce the lessons so that it becomes a habit. Everything we read or view can either teach us something new or reinforce our knowledge.

Finding yourself pulled in many different directions leads to inaction and you can easily get stuck at the start line.

Redoing tasks and re-reading will help things stick in your brain.

Now that my blog is set up and I have learned a few things, I am starting my training again from scratch. In doing so, I have found that there is information I missed or rushed over the first time around.

Moving too fast and missing important points.

I started my online journey by considering retail as the main business model and in particular selling on Amazon FBA. Fulfilled by Amazon eliminates the need to store inventory and arrange delivery following a purchase.

Fresh with the knowledge that Amazon was opening a warehouse in Australia, I considered selling my existing product and others that I was considering producing and using the Fulfillment By Amazon model.

I had heaps of questions and a head full of ideas. So off I went and started researching all things Amazon.

I joined an Amazon training course and had a step-by-step guide to learning business branding and presentation, product sourcing, and getting products to Amazon and listed for sale. It was good, but still, I felt something missing in my ability to achieve success and I started looking around the internet more.

The Amazon training course did give me some insight into business branding. I quickly realized that my existing business really needed some love with regard to presentation and branding. I decided to work on this as I continued to research Amazon.

As mentioned in my very first post,  I want to learn how to make money online which includes Amazon, affiliate marketing, and email marketing of products as well as services. However, I also want to share with others what I am doing so that they can benefit as well. I aim to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

I started this blog to share my online journey with others and in my haste to get content up I moved too fast. I want to share so much but have realized I can be like a bull in a china shop – full steam ahead with blinkers on.

I missed a lot of important tactics such as Search Engine optimized posts and as a result, I did not get much Google love. I am working on addressing this problem.

Are you always learning and looking for information?

My mind was half on Amazon and sourcing products for my offline business, and the other half was on creating this blog and learning everything I could about making money online.

In order to gather knowledge, I listened to YouTube videos and signed up for every free book, report, and seminar that I could find including heaps that magically became part of my Facebook feed.

 I landed on at least half a dozen lists of people promoting the same product or seminar nevertheless I worked through them all until I started to get brain freeze. Overload. Analysis Paralysis.

When I got to the point of receiving over 500 emails a day, I mass unsubscribed. I realized that most email lists were simply for the purpose of promoting products. The great majority did not offer me any additional help.

Online businesses and supermarkets

Many online businesses are like supermarkets offering a choice of products all in one place so that you don’t have to shop around the entire web looking yourself.  

Businesses have a range of products or services that they are selling. Some will offer physical products and others offer digital-only. This could be their own product, or someone else’s.

When looking to start an online business there seems to be a minefield of information and a lot seems to point back to courses that help you start in one field. This could be blogging, your own e-commerce, using software to help, or using another platform such as Amazon.

There is a lot of information available, some good and some way out of date. Trying to keep up is hard and can lead to inaction, or worse getting it wrong.

A good step-by-step education is hard to find. Most courses are created to teach others the path the creator took to find success. As the results are from actions taken in the past and do not take into account the blood sweat and tears along the way, there are no guarantees of success.

Many people will admit that they took a lot of different paths and found success through trial and error. Someone starting off today should take this into account. When considering paying lots of money to copy past success, you can easily find this is one of your own trial and error steps. I certainly did.

I found some courses useless and others good. I have since learned that most of the information can be found for free around the internet, the only benefit of a course is that you have one path set out that you could try. Unfortunately, the fees charged often mean that one or two trials can easily lead to failure.

I am slowly reworking the good courses I have already paid for and am applying the lessons to this blog.  This action has been very helpful in building my focus and stopped me from chasing rainbows.

Can I find a product to sell?

 I found a couple of product ideas and headed to China to seek out manufacturers.

However, as I traveled a lot I found it difficult to obtain samples. I decided to put the retail e-commerce option on hold.

This is one of the disadvantages of a retail business when you live a laptop lifestyle.

update – many of the products I found in China that I was considering have since made it onto the shelves of existing businesses within Australia that have a much bigger budget than I have. Lucky break.

Building a website.

One of the courses I purchased, which I do feel was a good investment, is an educational and hosting program called Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches how to build a website and monetize it. It provides the hosting for this blog.

There are many ways to monetize a website, the main ones being advertising and affiliate marketing. Although many other topics are covered within the Wealthy Affiliate these are the main two that are covered within the basic training.

Head over to my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover more about this website.

Re-learning as new information comes to hand.

As I am reworking the Wealthy Affiliate basic training, reading about what other members are trying, and working through all the additional training hidden within the website I am taking action to improve this blog. I am revising my earlier posts, improving and updating them to make them user-friendly and better optimized. Google likes older information updated.

Email marketing – a learning curve all on its own.

I purchased a course on email marketing and as an upsell also purchased a list of people interested in learning about email marketing.

I set up an autoresponder and set up an email sequence as taught in the course.  

**Update – I made a fundamental mistake… Never buy an email list **

I am still learning and sharing on my blogs as well as my bricks-and-mortar websites. I am also working on building a social media presence.

Too Many Directions at Once

Unfortunately, in my haste to learn everything I was being pulled in many different directions and was not successfully creating anything.

Have you experienced this? Know that you are not alone. As I proceed with this blog I will help you by sharing what I have learned.

I have closed my business, got a part-time job 3 days a week, and am redoing this blog with hindsight. The pandemic has forced me to stay in one spot, which has been a blessing because it gives me more time to learn and grow.

Changing Direction

Even though I have changed the direction of this blog, I will still be learning everything I can about how to build and grow my blog.


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