1. Great post, Kerry Ann…

    I’m actually a bit surprised that you found a negative review about Wealthy Affiliate to be honest… I’ve only ever come across ones that are positive!

    It seems that this person doesn’t really have much of an idea, and I can’t see them having a lot of success online!

    WA is an awesome community and there is so much positive in being a part of it!

    Thanks 🙂


    • kerry ann

      Thank you for your thoughts John.
      Unfortunately, there are people who have found Wealthy Affiliate and not realised what a wonderful community and training resource it is, because they left before investigating properly. There are also people who think it is a MLM, so they obviously have no concept of the website.
      I think often it is people who are competitors that leave negative reviews, which is sad.
      I personally prefer to point out the benefits and features of this training website and wonderful community as I try and guide people into a path that will help them learn everything they need to know about building an online business.

  2. Helen

    I have checked out posts made about WA and found some pretty condemning ones. But as I read them, it became very apparent that the commenters had no idea what WA was about. The statements they made stated that WA members were taught how to rip other sites down.

    Well I haven’t seen any of this at all in my WA years. Yes we review sites, just like the complainers do. BUT all the WA member reviews that I have read (and admittedly with well over a million members I haven’t read anywhere near all of them), look at both pros and cons. There is very few that totally blank any article. And research does show that these articles are worth blanking.

    As for the naysayers within WA, well the queries. from some members, I have read indicate that very few of them have even attempted the lessons. They want other members to do their work.

    I have no trouble helping others who have worked hard but have just come to a point where they need some information. So do I sometimes.

    I agree with your comment and totally recommend WA for anyone who wants to work online.


    • kerry ann

      Hello Helen, Thank you for your comments. You are correct, many people have no idea what Wealthy Affiliate is about because unfortunately they either did not see past the name, or they did not participate in the community to discover that the official training, great that is is, is only a minute part of the whole website and the learning experience that it offers.

      So true about wanting others to do the work. The training is the starting point, the community is willing to help those that help themselves. Many people join and instead of doing the free training that is offered they ask questions and wonder why they are directed to the training that is part of their free starter membership. Most of their initial questions can be answered by the training.

      It can be a bit like trying to attend university when you haven’t completed high school. You must learn the basics before you move ahead to bigger and better opportunities.

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