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What is a Pinterest Profile

What is a Pinterest Profile and How do I make it Awesome?

A Pinterest Profile consists of a banner, your photo, your name, your description (or bio a little about you). When you save pins you put them in What is a Pinterest Profileboards – which are simply folders so that you can easily find your pictures and information.

A Pinterest Profile can be as a private individual or as a business individual. A Business profile gives you some extra features and is free of charge. You can have a slideshow across the top of your homepage as well as receive analytics of your personal pins.

Why should you build an awesome Pinterest Profile?

I have found that with changes to my Pinterest Profile, I have received a huge boost in followers. Once I realized what a Pinterest Profile should be focused on my followers have gone from a few hundred to over 3000 in less than 3 months. At the same time, according to Google Analytics, the traffic to my website has also gone from zero to over 30 visits a month. Not fantastic, but a huge start to assist me on my online journey. This traffic has come from Pinterest and Instagram.

Do you have an account and want to improve your reach so that you can use it to build your business?

Maybe you are new to Pinterest and are looking at setting up a new profile. Do you want potential customers? If so, I believe an awesome profile is a must.

In this post, I share the actions I am taking to improve the first impression I give when someone sees my profile. Pinterest people do not generally go through your profile every time they log in.

They look at you when they find something of yours that interests them. If they like what they see, they are more likely to follow you, follow your blog, or work with you within the Pinterest framework.

First impressions do matter. You must make a good first impression if you wish to build a following of fans.

What is a Pinterest ProfileTake care with your Pinterest Profile.

As mentioned in my last post, when I first joined Pinterest, I set up an account and made a whole pile of boards and just repined from the feed. Big mistake. I did not check it out. Make sure you read that post and ensure that you don’t make the same mistake.

Do not start following people until you have your profile sorted out and have decided on some boards. You can start with half a dozen boards and add to them later.



How to set up your Pinterest account

  1. Google Pinterest and click on the link to open up the website.
  2. A pop up with appear for you to complete your email, password and age, or you can sign up with Facebook or google.
  3. Next pop up will get you to confirm your language and county
  4. Once done you will see a bunch of topics come up so that you can choose 5 or more. This gives Pinterest an idea of your personal interests so it can show you pins within these categories.
  5. You now have a personal account set up. The home button shows pins in the topics you previously selected and you can now save and add boards as you go. You can then sort your pin saves into boards for easier finding later on. You can also use the search button in the home tab to search for more specific items.
  6. Go to the three dots on the top right-hand side of the page and click the red upgrade now button.
  7. Fill in the boxes, add business, blog or website name
  8. Pick business type from the drop down.
  9. In this section you also add your ‘About You’ bio and location. You can add a couple of keywords to your name as described below.
  10. You need to claim your website. This verifies your website for Pinterest. This means that when you or someone else pins from your website, the website will be attributed as the source of the pin.
  11. If you click the button you can download the HTML Tag. Pinterest will give you a code
  12. The Business settings tab is for later use if you decide to advertise, and you can enter your business details and tax records.

If you wish to make a business account, and if you have a website and wish to build a Pinterest customer base, this is the recommended option. It gives you analytics, so you can get information on your posts and your followers.

Content = “……………………………..”/> The code between the “ “ needs to be added to your website. You may need to contact your website manager to do this.

If you have a WordPress site with All In One SEO, you go to general settings, scroll down to webmaster verification. Add the code in the Pinterest box and save. Then go back to Pinterest and hit submit. (you can add Google and Bing verification in the same manner).

The next step is to set up an awesome Pinterest profile.

You will look professional and it helps encourage others to follow you.

Profile name choices

You can call yourself by your name, a pen name, your blog or website name. There is usually a little room left over to add one or two keywords. This What is a Pinterest Profilehelps your SEO.

Profile picture

Make this the same as your website and other social media profiles. This makes you look more real and people recognize you.

Profile description (or bio)

This is your About You that was in the settings tab. I use keywords separated by emojis to describe what I am about and the topics I cover. This helps Pinterest understand what I am about, and when someone looks at my profile, they get a good overview of what I am about without having to scroll down through boards.

I also added a page to my website explaining who I am and my Pinterest goals. Instead of linking to my home page, I added this link in my description. This is how people find my website.

Boards and how to name them

Some people choose to only have a collection of boards based around a particular niche. Others choose to add a few personal ones as well to make you look more human.

As I am my profile brand and I have a lot of interests and plan eventually to do affiliate marketing, I have chosen to have a wide selection of popular topics plus things that interest me.

Firstly, I believe it makes me look more human and not just a ‘business trying to sell’. It will also give me a wider range of products to promote, rather than limiting the product range to one particular niche.

Secondly, I believe that it will attract more followers. Whilst I want fans, who like me and may consider becoming customers, I also want to attract followers. The reason for this is in my marketing strategy. I want the advantage of numbers.

It is recommended that you name your board with categories, or topics, that are most relevant to what you intend to pin about.

I recommend that you just add a few boards to start. You can add more later. It is better to have a few good boards rather than a whole heap of boards without content.

Boards can be private (only you can see), Public (everyone can see) or Group (you can set up boards that others can also pin to or join boards that others own and allow you to pin to) Group boards are for later on once you get going.

I started by jotting down ideas on the type of things that I wanted to write about, plus the subjects that I had in my photo album, and what I know I can easily take photos of in the future. I also noted topics that I enjoy that I do not have the capacity to photograph – like outer space.

I then looked up these terms in the home page search drop down and made notes of not only the auto suggest recommendations, but once clicked on I noted the boxed suggestions that Pinterest classified as subcategories. These subcategories become keywords for your board description.

When setting up a board you will be asked to give it a Title. I use broad topic terms such as trees, flowers, gardens. Most people will search for specific terms and even if they search ‘green trees’, ‘trees’ is likely to come up. People can search by boards and if your board is not relevant, it will be placed lower in the search – if at all.

Don’t use sections as sections are not included in SEO. This is helpful to private individuals who want to categorize their boards.

Some people follow boards only, and others follow you. For the latter type, you can increase your potential followers simply by having content from different popular topics. Consider this when selecting topics for your boards.

Bricks & Mortar Business or service

What is a Pinterest ProfileIf you are a business selling a product, I recommend that you start boards relating to ways to use your product as well as showcasing the product.

You could also start a board documenting staff & business awards to show people your achievements and show you are human and a caring business.

Make sure to start with that the boards will relate to your business, your location and your product or service. You can always increase the boards later.

Online business

If you are looking as a blogger or online marketer, start some boards relating to your product niche as well as your business. As previously mentioned, I also have added some other boards so that I can do affiliate marketing later, and some just for fun boards to show I am human. Your choice, whether or not you stick to one theme only.

You will be asked to enter a category, the default is other. Remember those topics when you first signed up, your pin will be placed within this topic and be shown to people who have followed the topic.

Always choose most relevant. However, where possible choose the highest following one. For example, I put pictures of trees under Photography with 64 million followers rather than Science and Nature (24 million). Science and Nature is split into many subtropics and is fairly broad.

You can find the topics and their followings by clicking on your name profile, following and change the people drop down to topics. Click on the topics and you can get more information.

Remember at the beginning I said, that you need to take time and work like a business. This is a case in point. It takes time to set up your profile and making small changes like this can increase your reach.


Write the board description

I chose to mainly add keywords here, separated by the character |.

You can use up to 500 characters. I added some phrases as well to describe the content and as many relevant keywords as I could find. You can use relevant keywords and a couple of hashtags at the end. This helps Pinterest understand what your board is about.

Some people call this keyword stuffing, but most consumers will look at your pins which will have a proper description, rather than reading your board descriptions. You need to think like a consumer, not a marketer.

What is a Pinterest ProfileBanner tips

Set up a board just to add your best pins. When you have about 30 pins on here you can change your top banner on your profile from ‘latest pins’ to this board. You can use this to help improve your profile’s first impression.

Later you can add the pins that get you the most traction to this board and remove some of the poorer performing ones. The idea is that when someone new sees your profile, they are more likely to like it and you if your board is full of pins that others also like.


Board Covers.

When adding or editing a Board you will see a cover area and change tab. When you click on change, you can select one photo to enlarge and become a feature for your board. This is best to be a smaller, landscape photo rather than a tall photo

I have made up some covers with the topic name on them and some of my photos. This makes the board topic stand out which helps SEO as well as is easy on the eye to potential followers. I believe the ideal size is 238×284 pixels.

I started making them all different colours, but changed my mind and now have the same style with the same background colours. They all look like they belong to the same profile.

Featured Boards

In the settings section, you will see Featured Boards. When you have some boards set up you can add up to 5 boards in here and these will rotate across the top of your screen. When someone clicks on your profile, it makes you look like a professional page and it can showcase your best pins.

Community Boards

Community boards are a new feature on Pinterest. I have joined a few that I am interested in and set up one myself. You can join as many as you like but only set up 5 yourself.

It is not known what benefits the community boards will play in improving your influence within Pinterest. However, I would assume that if we participate in this community, Pinterest will see us as more active

When adding a pin from your own blog post, or website, add it to your most relevant board first, then to your blog board, then to group boards if you are a member. Make the descriptions slightly different so that it looks like more than one pin. You must be careful when repining your own content that you do not spam.

The Description and Hashtags

This is what people will see when they look at a pin in their feed. It should make sense and describe the picture or content. If you have a sunset photo, you could add a description that goes something like this.

What a beautiful sunset last night, this photograph was taken on James Beach near Hometown. Don’t you just love the colours. #myhashtag #sunset. Do not keyword stuff this. Make it interesting.

Hashtags should be used sparingly, and only when you first post. Don’t add them as an afterthought.

You should use your website or Pinterest profile name as your own hashtag. People can click on hashtags within Pinterest and search for your content. When editing a pin and adding a hashtag, Pinterest will sometimes offer suggestions. Look out for these. It gives you some options that people have been searching under.

My Pinterest Profile update

Whilst, I was working on updating my profile taking the steps outlined, which took me a bit over a month (about 6 weeks) I spent a reasonable amountPinterest followers of time on the Pinterest Platform. I clicked through and read the content before repining.

I also repined a lot of pins that were just photos and added a description and hashtag as well as followed some big names as recommended by Pinterest.

As a result of both my profile update and the time spent on the platform I built my profile up by a further 1000 followers and the monthly unique viewers went up to about 15K. I was getting a further 100 followers about every 4 days. This has continued in the 4 to 6 weeks since and I now have over 3100 followers and 34K monthly unique viewers, despite the fact that I have spent only around 15 minutes a day on Pinterest. It just keeps growing.

Pinterest does reward you for spending time on their platform. When you start pinning, always remember this.

Now that you have an awesome Pinterest Profile it is time to decide what to pin. In my next post I will show you what I have been doing to improve my profile reach through pins and actions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


10 thoughts on “What is a Pinterest Profile

  1. I have a Pintrest account that I am not using as much as I should be.  I know all the basics of Pintrest but you pointed out things that I didn’t know like using hashtags and the new feature of community boards.  It sounds like a good way to perhaps engage more with the community on Pintrest and that of course would get more people interested in what you have to say and visiting your site.

    1. Hi Andy. I hope that this post will inspire you to get back into the Pinterest environment. It is a wonderful marketing tool as well as search engine to find a range of products and services.

  2. I don’t know why I am good with all the social medias but when it comes to Pinterest, I don’t get a hang of it. But I have the account active and all lol Your traffic is amazing congrats on that mine is not even as good as you yet. Hopefully it will be one day. Question, do you use Pinterest on your phone or on your laptop? I tried following your instruction on my phone (Apple) app it does not give me the same features like your instruction. Maybe  I should do it on my laptop? Me vs Technology all over again. 

    I will get this!!

    Happy holidays

    1. Hi. Some features are only on laptop so this is the best way for getting your profile set up and optimised. I have android so am unsure of the difference with the iPhone app. Do you have your account set up as a business account. Some features will only apply if you have. It doesn’t cost anything, just gives you more features

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I have a Pinterest profile but haven’t worked on it lately.

    I had over 38K views but only very little interaction so I stopped spending time on Pinterest. I want to get traffic to my websites but this seems to be not easy.

    Maybe my pis style is not liked by many or the topic is not suitable for PInterest, anyway, although I have so many views I have very little to no repins and clicks.

    I’ll go through your post here and see what I can improve.

    1. Hi Stefan. Any topic is suitable. Pinterest is now used by both men and women. Although women still account for about 60%. Unfortunately as I explain further along in my series, views only means eyeballs that Pinterest has put the pin in front of. We need a great profile and quality pins to put it all together. I hope my posts will help you achieve better results.

  4. Finding using Pinterest a bit complicated. I created my first website in the last couple of months, after struggling on driving traffic, I turned to Pinterest, its been a bad experience. But after reading this post, I am now realizing where I was doing it the wrong way. 

    1. I never use keywords in my profile Bio and 

    2. I have never used any Hashtags on my Pinterest posts, I had no idea

    I have to admit, your article, gave me a great insight on how I should be doing things on Pinterest .

    Thank you so much for such a great post

    1. I am glad that you got some benefits from my post. It is important to remember that Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform and thinking of treating it like you would treat Google makes a big difference.

  5. Pinterest is one of my personal favorite platforms for creativity and entertainment, but I have not utilized it from a business stand point. When you create your boards, are you repining images that are related to your business or are you adding new content? Are you using any keywording to help drive traffic?

    1. Hi Courtney. Yes yes and yes. This post is the first in a series that I have written to help you build your profile, create boards, create pins and determine what and how to pin. I also am working on a marketing strategy to get followers as well as traffic to my website. I have seen traffic, finally using the strategies. I hope that you will find the following posts just as helpful.

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