1. andy

    I have a Pintrest account that I am not using as much as I should be.  I know all the basics of Pintrest but you pointed out things that I didn’t know like using hashtags and the new feature of community boards.  It sounds like a good way to perhaps engage more with the community on Pintrest and that of course would get more people interested in what you have to say and visiting your site.

    • kerry ann

      Hi Andy. I hope that this post will inspire you to get back into the Pinterest environment. It is a wonderful marketing tool as well as search engine to find a range of products and services.

  2. Nuttanee

    I don’t know why I am good with all the social medias but when it comes to Pinterest, I don’t get a hang of it. But I have the account active and all lol Your traffic is amazing congrats on that mine is not even as good as you yet. Hopefully it will be one day. Question, do you use Pinterest on your phone or on your laptop? I tried following your instruction on my phone (Apple) app it does not give me the same features like your instruction. Maybe  I should do it on my laptop? Me vs Technology all over again. 

    I will get this!!

    Happy holidays

    • kerry ann

      Hi. Some features are only on laptop so this is the best way for getting your profile set up and optimised. I have android so am unsure of the difference with the iPhone app. Do you have your account set up as a business account. Some features will only apply if you have. It doesn’t cost anything, just gives you more features

  3. stefan

    Thanks for the reminder. I have a Pinterest profile but haven’t worked on it lately.

    I had over 38K views but only very little interaction so I stopped spending time on Pinterest. I want to get traffic to my websites but this seems to be not easy.

    Maybe my pis style is not liked by many or the topic is not suitable for PInterest, anyway, although I have so many views I have very little to no repins and clicks.

    I’ll go through your post here and see what I can improve.

    • kerry ann

      Hi Stefan. Any topic is suitable. Pinterest is now used by both men and women. Although women still account for about 60%. Unfortunately as I explain further along in my series, views only means eyeballs that Pinterest has put the pin in front of. We need a great profile and quality pins to put it all together. I hope my posts will help you achieve better results.

  4. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Finding using Pinterest a bit complicated. I created my first website in the last couple of months, after struggling on driving traffic, I turned to Pinterest, its been a bad experience. But after reading this post, I am now realizing where I was doing it the wrong way. 

    1. I never use keywords in my profile Bio and 

    2. I have never used any Hashtags on my Pinterest posts, I had no idea

    I have to admit, your article, gave me a great insight on how I should be doing things on Pinterest .

    Thank you so much for such a great post

    • kerry ann

      I am glad that you got some benefits from my post. It is important to remember that Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform and thinking of treating it like you would treat Google makes a big difference.

  5. Courtney

    Pinterest is one of my personal favorite platforms for creativity and entertainment, but I have not utilized it from a business stand point. When you create your boards, are you repining images that are related to your business or are you adding new content? Are you using any keywording to help drive traffic?

    • kerry ann

      Hi Courtney. Yes yes and yes. This post is the first in a series that I have written to help you build your profile, create boards, create pins and determine what and how to pin. I also am working on a marketing strategy to get followers as well as traffic to my website. I have seen traffic, finally using the strategies. I hope that you will find the following posts just as helpful.

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