1. Bruce

    Hello, I found your site pretty informative. Though I have a Pinterest account I have never considered it to make money. I like Pinterest for it gives me new ideas on things I have an interest in such as woodworking  and travel and gardening. I have noticed that your site goes into many areas from camping to personal development to building websites. You sure have a lot of interests.

  2. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this article on what pinterest is good for.after building a website everybody needs to have visitors who will return in customers.This is not an easy work and most of the we fail to find them.

    I am happy that I found this article on Pinterest because I need to get followers on my website too.I am going to try pinterest soon.

    • kerry ann

      Hi Julienne. Pinterest is a wonderful place and I have had good traffic from there to my website.
      I am glad that it is beneficial to you.

  3. alexandra

    This is very interesting. I have an account on pinterest but I rarely use it anymore. Well I use it when I am looking for something as there is a great deal of good information on there. Never did I realize that you can actually use it to promote your website. I have learnt something new. Thank you for that.

    • kerry ann

      Hi Alexandra. I am pleased that you found this information useful.
      Pinterest is a great source of traffic for bloggers.

  4. Linda

    Thank for you this information on Pinterest. I have been looking to build a Pinterest profile and it has given me some ideas on how to promote myself and my website.

    • kerry ann

      Hi Linda. Thank you for your thoughts. It is good to hear that you have gained something from what I have learned.

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