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What is Pinterest? What is Pinterest and why do people Pin?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine that people use to pin images to folders (called boards). Find out why people pin and use this platform.

I have asked people “What is Pinterest” in order to understand the Pinterest attraction.

How can I use this information?

Understanding how a platform works and getting inside the head of its users is a key marketing tool Understanding will help to build my business through Pinterest?

Understanding your audience is key to success in any business.

What is Pinterest and why do people follow and pin content?

What is Pinterest and Why Do People Pin?

Pinterest is a search engine and people can save content that they like.

Many people save ideas for future reference. This could include presents, ideas to improve their home and even recipe ideas.

It can also be used as a private reference library to save content from websites within any niche.

Pinterest is made up of private profiles as well as brands and business profiles.

In my opinion, and from talking to others, I understand some of the reasons people pin are as follows:

Private Individuals

  • a) People follow profiles that give valuable information on their hobbies and interests. They use Pinterest as a library.
  • b) People follow boards containing topics of interest and profiles that pin content on these topics. This may be just to see photos of flowers or outer space.
  • c) People search Pinterest for ideas.

This could be ideas for

  • (1) Recipes for everyday meals or special occasions.
  • (2) Crafts to make for their home, gifts or special occasions.
  • (3) DIY activities.
  • (4) Home decoration and improvement ideas.
  • (5) Fashion ideas, clothing, shoes, jewellery and more’
  • (6) Gifts for special occasions.
  • (7) Hair and makeup tips and recommendations.
  • (8) Diet and exercise tips and hints.
  • (9) Cleaning and home care ideas they can pin and look at later.
  • (10)Travel destination ideas, or to see the world through the eyes of others because they can’t travel themselves.
  • (d) People pin their own photos to share with others, to join in the community atmosphere.
  • (e) People use Pinterest as a Dream board. They pin ideas to focus their goals on. This could be a travel destination, a home or maybe a motor vehicle that they are building their goals towards.

Businesses use Pinterest to

  • a) Get ideas for product trends and products to sell.
  • b) Find an audience to promote their product, service, blog or website.
  • c) Showcase their products.
  • d) Build social proof
  • e) See what their competition is doing.
  • f) Showcase a product and send people to a website through an affiliate link.

What makes Pinterest Different?

Pinterest is a little different to other search engines because all content is visual. Pins are either images or video. Images can be photographs or infographics (which can be made on websites like Canva).

How can we use this information?

What is Pinterest all about

As a blogger, online business, big brand or even a local bricks & mortar business or service we need to consider why people will pin so that we can try to think like a consumer in the promotion of our business.

Whilst we need to promote ourselves and our products, we also need to look human and not spam people with ‘buy-me’ pins.

With this in mind, I have set up my Pinterest account so that I do not focus just on my brand, but on a wider range of topics without having an excessive number of boards.

This I believe, will show some credibility when I pin an affiliate-linked product as I have previously posted a lot of good content.

Many bloggers theme their Pinterest account around their blog and the topics that they talk about. As a blogger, or newbie trying to find information this is good because we can often find ideas.

However, when I look at a profile I often think “looks like I am just going to be sold to”. This is something I am trying to avoid with my own Pinterest profile.

Create a balance between real and spam.


As a consumer, I find that continually looking at blogs that have annoying pop-ups to get me to join their email list tends to turn me off. When I scroll up to reread something, up comes another one telling me not to leave yet. At this point, I’m usually out of there.

Yes, this may make people money and it may be just me that gets annoyed and not the general population.

I have subscribed to and unsubscribed from hundreds of email lists over the past couple of years. I am just making the point that as a consumer I find it annoying and often do not read the blog post properly. This content that I was interested in is often just too darn hard to find amid the advertising.

Therefore, I do believe that sending people from Pinterest, as it is a search engine, to a webpage should be a good experience and having pop-ups can be counter-productive.

As a user as well as a potential business, I hope I can find a balance. All I can suggest is that you consider all options if setting up a blog or website and use Pinterest to promote it. Make sure that you are offering helpful information and not just trying to sell yourself.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below or share on social media.

In my next post, I will describe my first 12 months on Pinterest and share with you what I feel I did wrong.


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