About Me


My very first blog post explains all about who I am and my history. Rather than doubling up information, you can find it here.

This website is about my life as I travel across Australia and the interests I have.  It will include details of my travels as well as my hobbies and business interests. As you can see from my page heading, I have a lot of interests that I aim to write about and share information with my viewers.


I also wish to share the steps I take to become an online presence through my page Step by Step to starting an online business.   How to build an online business.

I hope that there are not too many failures along the way, but if I make a booboo, I will be sure to share to try and avoid others making the same mistake.

It is all a work in progress.  Please join my email list and you will receive each blog post direct to your inbox as I write them.