Quality vs. Quantity

I have been naughty and not posted for a few weeks.  I have been online, as usual, reading heaps of books and blogs as well as attending webinars on all things online.

Lots of these have been freebies but I have also purchased some software and courses that I thought might be a bit helpful. I have looked at making videos and YouTube promoting as well as the normal online procedures I have been considering.

One thing that I have been hearing is that if you decide not to just sell to an email list with a sales page, then you need a website (yes, I have this one) but that the website needs to look good and be professional.  Often people say content is king but I’m starting to feel that quality is more important than quantity. 

I know myself when reading I tend to scan great sections of text thinking more same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  Then something hits the eye and I start to read. Therefore, my conclusion has been short and simple blog posts are better than long winded ones.  

I have also been hearing that you should dedicate your website to one topic, or niche. Well as I have said before, this website is all about me.  I figure I can be my own niche…. nothing like a bit of vanity to spice up my day!!!!

Testimonials are something I take with a grain of salt. Unless, it is from a source I consider reasonably independent.  An example of this might be a food critic reviewing a restaurant.  So I generally bypass testimonials when reading a sales page. I prefer to look at the price first, then what is on offer and decide if I think that could be beneficial to me.

With these thoughts in mind, I have again gone back to Wealthy Affiliate and continued with the training.  With this website being a Worpress one, I have started looking at different plugins to improve it so my plan over the next month is to bring this website up to scratch. make money online

I imagine quality vs. quantity is also important when it comes to videos and photos both on the website and on social media including YouTube. I will be taking this into consideration when I start working on my YouTube channel.

The other point that I have picked up, which makes sense, is that you need a PLAN. I must admit that over the past 8 months I have been starting course after course, looking at lots of different options and considering what option I should take to make money online.  I have found myself going round and round in circles.  I can understand why many people get information overload and give up as it is just so confusing.

I hope to put a decent, followable plan in place and if it starts to pan out I will certainly share it.

Love to hear your thoughts on here or on my social media pages.thinking



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